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  1. Playing Final Fantasy

    *Insert usual argument for why people should stop calling it Final Fantasy II and start calling it IV like God and the designers intended* Then go out and preorder IV DS because it looks sweet and pray that Squeenix decides to remake V in the same style.
  2. Startropics is a hidden gem? Forget the title of it but there was a guidebook I got way way back that had walkthroughs with full-color maps for a bunch of NES games and Startropics was one of them so I figured it was fairly well known. IIRC, the other games were the NES Mario and Zelda titles, the Castlevania games, Rescue Rangers and Ducktales and probably a few Mega Man titles too. Wish I still had the book for nostalgia value. Have to say though, it pleased me greatly to see Crystalis as a recommended title. Ignore the mess the GBC made of the game and play the classic. My favorite NES title bar none.
  3. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    Custom firmware PSP, attempted to mod an old PSX with absolutely no skills and wound up with a royal mess (then I got a Japanese PS2 which made the issue moot). I also took apart my old NES console to see how it ticked when it finally died on me but that's not exactly modding...
  4. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    Usually, any mixed drink with a vodka base. Also, absinthe when I can find it and want to get EToH.
  5. Playing Final Fantasy

    Played through FFI all the way on my NES, one of the games I owe to Nintendo Power and their multi-issue reviews (see also: Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger) and then again via Wonderswan emulation multiple times. On the subject of VII being remade... wouldn't entirely surprise me. I think they'll milk this Compilation idea as far as they can (I know there's at least room for one more game post-Dirge) before throwing in the towel and giving fans what they've been wanting since the beginning.