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  1. Clrmame Dats

    Eggman has created some dats in his forum. Could you please check if they're correct?
  2. Clrmame Dats

    @Phillyman: Could you please answer my question? TIA And BTW, I already paid for the membership
  3. Super Mario Strikers!

    I have it, but I suck at it I haven't played online yet, since I'm finishing The Godfather - Blackhand Edition ATM.
  4. Clrmame Dats

    Thanks for this, Anime-niac I will check them out later. @Phillyman: I have just paid for the membership BTW, how are you storing your files (dir, subdirs, format). If you tell me, I can give you the instruction how to make the dat.
  5. Clrmame Dats

    Thanks for the trouble, Phillyman I will transfer money to my Paypal account this week and be a lifetime member anyway
  6. Clrmame Dats

    BTW, since philly needs a new scanner, I will take a membership for 15 bucks if anyone creates a dat
  7. Clrmame Dats

    Hi all! First of all: Thanks for all the work that has been put in these great releases I saw the UseNet upload this week and I had already downloaded a previous upload from there. But I can't really see what I'm missing and perhaps if some of the releases have changed. Are there perhaps clrmame dats available? In this way you can be sure everyone has the same stuff and everybody knows what's missing. Cheers, alcoatjez
  8. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    Yes, I saw it on his site. Great! Anyone knows if he's using the torrent's structure? TIA, alcoatjez
  9. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    Sorry for the fuss, but since many will have it completed now, can someone create a ClrMame dat for the set? TIA, alcoatjez
  10. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    Thanks in advance then! I will probably join the torrent then when it's finished, but I will certainly seed back to at least a 1.0 ratio
  11. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    I know I could do that, but thanks anyway I just hope the original poster of the torrent can make a ClrMame dat. It's very easy, just use the Dir2Dat function. In that way I can join the torrent at a nice starting percentage soon. I hate to start a torrent at 0% when I already have some of the files. TIA, alcoatjez
  12. PS3 to come with full Linux!

    Good news. Finally a console developer who realizes that the homebrew community is an important and poweful one.
  13. History Of Console Prices: Ps3 Isn't The Highest.

    True, but still it can be too high if the Wii will be much cheaper...
  14. The Big Torrent: How Much Can You Seed?

    I will join the torrent soon, but I have one question. Why isn't there a ClrMame datfile for this torrent? If someone is willing to make one, I can at least join the torrent with which magazines I already have.