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  1. PLus spinrite only ~500kb thats right (kb not mb) the pdf instructions take up more space then the program so you can put it on a floppy disk.
  2. I have about 90 PcGamer mags dating back to early 96', I haven't been buying them for the past year though as the quality has deteriorated with the shift from consumers looking online for their gaming info and reviews. Thus they recieve less subscribers and less ad revinue. The day they gave the boring Hellgate London 89% was a sad day. What I'd really like to see is PC Accelrator Magazines( abbrv. PCXL) put up on the net. It was a much better magazine then PC Gamer.
  3. Unlike genuine PC games, emulators and the games emulaotrs play don't install any drivers or modify any registers or dlls. THe worse you could expect is the game to freeze your comp and you need to press the restart button. I suggest making an iso of the DVD and mounting it on a virtual drive like damon tools or achohol 120%, that way you don't use the actual DVD alot if its causing oyu troubles
  4. To take screen shots press F8. THey are then saved to the pcsx2 emulators 'snapshot' directory. You'll need a computer capable of sse2 instructions. Thats amd64 or pentium 4 or newer. For the videocard you need to be capable of pixel Shader 2.0 so that basically means an ATI X1000 card or greater , or a Geforce6 series card or better.
  5. Playstation 2 emulation Well pcsx2 0.94 has been out for a month, many more games are playable and if you have a dual core system that is overclocked and a 150 dollar very recent video card you can. The graphics plug-ins have been maturing rapidly and games like Metal Gear Solid 3 are now almost fully playable on powerful system. Mame is a great emulator: If you'd like to play Killer Instinct 1 & 2 in all their glory, don't go for the worse snes or n64 version. THe arcade has the best versions.
  6. Self Built CPU: E6600 Core2 Duo @ 2.7ghz RAM: 2GB DDR-2 800 PC2-6400 OCZ Platinum Rev.2 MOBO: MSI P965 Platinum GPU: EVGA 8800GTX PSU: 650W Antec TRIO TV Tuner: ATI 650 Theatre Pro PCI edition Monitor: NEC Multisync 20WMGX2 USB Cord to printer: Generic brand bought from staples ~$12 Paper for Printer: Staples 500 sheet generic printing paper Network Cable: Radioshack 30ft ethernet cable Keyboard: HP internet Keyboard Mouse: Logitech G5 Total HDD space: ~600GB between 5hdds Printer: HP photosmart C4200 All-in-One series OS: Windows XP Sp2 DVD Drive: LG SuperMulti DVD-DL +-RW Burner Headphones: Sennheiser HD 435 Speakers: Labtech 2.1 Speakers and subwoofer Coaxal TV Cable to TV tuner: 2x gold contact Monster RG-6 coaxial cables ATX2 complient Tower: Cooler Master Centurion 5 (know its a mediocre tower for the beast I have) Videogame controllers: Ps2 dual shock with usb adapter, xbox1 controller with usb adapter and free xbcd drivers, Microsoft Sidewinder usb gamepad, Red Octane Ignition 3.0 dancepad with usb connector. Power Bar: Staples 7 plug power bar with phone line jack and co-axial jack ~$30 Computer Desk chair: Brand(not sure) purchased from Staples Computer desk: Glass & metal from From Walmart for $109
  7. No it won't wreck your computer. 0% chance of that. I'm a big pcsx2 user and a member of ngemu, and through the thousands of posts and threads I've read and tutorials I've read an my understanding of computers theres no chance it could damage your computer. I assume your talking about maybe damaging windows criticla files forcing you to have to reinstall windows, that won't happen as neither pcsx2 or any ps2 game modify any of those files. And damaging hardware is pretty much impossible with any program(with the exception of those that overclock yourcpu, gpu or increase voltage) PCSX2 and its plug-in are being updated almost weekly. If you use the latest gsdx9 11.0 graphics plug-in (which is only available on the forums) alot of games work properly now, and are much faster than before. Configuring the emulator and getting it to play isn't to difficult (took me 30minutes before I was playing my first game). Go to www.pcsx2.net and see if it is on the compatability list.
  8. From what I've heard Utorrent isn't trust worthy anymore since it was sold to Bram Cohen's Bittorrent Inc which by the way is now in Cahoots with the MPAA or RIAA ( I can't remember which). They changed Utorrent from open source to closed source, and people have attested and I have seen for myself that it does act suspiciously. Using Peer Guardian or any outgoing port monitor you can see Utorrent now regularily tries to connect with Bittorrent Inc's servers and send data. What this data is we can't say as Utorrent has now become closed source.
  9. I'm 22 years old from Winnipeg Canada. I'm mostly looking for old mags such as PC Accelerator, PC Gamer and Next Generation so I can find out what types of games can run on my comp. Intel 386 ~ 33Mhz 8MB Ram 512MB Hdd 14" Daytec CRT Monitor Windows 3.1 4200 Baud Modem Dual Floppy Drives