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  1. Does Anyone Remember This?

    Thanks, WiggumBeard. It was indeed Aeris. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who's seen it. After much research on my part last night, I finally found that the artist was Ryan Kinnaird from PSM. Luckily he had a deviant art account where I found what I was looking for: Though the dialog was different in this one (Ryan told me the editors changed it), this was definitely the one I was looking for. So I guess what I'm asking for now, would be the scan of the actual page (Ryan forgot what issue it was for) from PSM. If that gets scanned for me, I will donate to this site.
  2. Does Anyone Remember This?

    Hrm.. It might be from Game Informer too. Wow... so many magazines back then, I wish I remembered which one it was. I would be really pissed if it was some small time publication. The art style of the image was very similar to the art style I see on earlier issues of the cover of PSM. Maybe that'll help a little? I appreciate you guys keeping an eye out. I will be making a trip to the library to try to find them too since I don't own any of these magazines. D:
  3. Does Anyone Remember This?

    I need the assistance of someone who will be willing to look through GamePro, PSM (it probably is in this one), or EGM magazines for an image I've been dying to use for a signature. I've looking for the issue where there's a picture of Tifa and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII facing each other in the nude, with Tifa holding materias up to cover her "higher parts" and Cloud with his buster sword to cover his "lower parts". There were some dialog too, with Tifa saying something like "Cloud, do you like my materia?" and Cloud thinking "Please don't wake up". I believe the article was about the adult rating in the ESRB system that said something along the lines of "Will we see scenes like this in Videogames?". I think the article could be found before the year 2000. If someone could help me find it, I would gladly appreciate it. I will even reimburse you for the trouble of finding it or heck... I'll donate to this site.
  4. How Much Would You Honestly Pay?

    I would pay about $2 per issue if they gave me the choice of which format I could have them in.
  5. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    Dreamcast? You could mod it? Or are they all already pre-modded? Haha.
  6. Sony dismisses ?299 PS3 40GB rumours

    I think it would be a smart move by Sony to release a cheaper PS3. It would get me to buy one very quickly.
  7. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Hi, I'm james from the US and I am hoping to find some coveted issues of EGM and GamePro that I've seen back in the late 90s. Hopefully I'll be able to find them here.