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  1. Hi, I have recently brought from eBay a copy of the Bad Influence TV Show Magazine, Issue 2. More info on this show here, I was wondering if the community would be interested in a scan of this mag? there was only 2 ever published, I hope to get issue one as soon as one becomes available as well. The Bad Influence site above does have scans of both mags in PDF format, but sadly the site owner seems to deem it necessary to watermark the pages to protect his work, shame really. Anyway if people want this to be scanned, as soon as i get it, I will scan and submit it here.
  2. Whats Everyone Watching On Tv?

    For me, the best thing on the telly at the mo is prison break, my god you Americans know how to make great telly, i wish we could do it over here in the UK, ive just started watching series 3 on Sky one, its is soooo good!
  3. Worms Open Warfare 2 - Ds

    Its a good game, but its missing 2 very important features in my opinion, the ability to be able to select the worm, and unlimited turn time. 2 features that change the gameplay a lot, the only way to get this at the moment is to play the old DOS version of worms 1, or to use the Beta patch for Armageddon on the PC.
  4. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    Malibu and coke!! yes i know its a girls drink, but i like it!!
  5. Retromags Map!

    Im from Bromley, south London, UK, love this site!
  6. Unknown Google Invite

    Hi, i have loads of google invites, just PM me if you want one.