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  1. The kind of list that I started is more textual, a simple list wrote on Windows Wordpad, which I think is more practical and fast. Anyway I keep making that list and I didn't think of including the scores, so it's a good idea and I'm including them. For the beginning I'm only doing it for the reviews, which won't take a long time (except for the grades), but maybe after that I'll do the same thing for the others "rubriques". Anyway, the wiki will be a great help for the issues starting #19, so thanks ! A sample of the list : C Casper the Friendly Ghost #4p80 Clockwork Knight 2 #1p60 Cool Spot Goes to Hollywood #1p86 Core's Golf #4p72 Cyber Speedway #2p86 Cyberia #4p78 D D's Diner #4p82 Darius #5p72 Dark Stalkers #7p76 Defcon 5 #7p68 PS : there's a HUGE mistake on this page :
  2. Hello ! I wonder if anybody have made a list of all the games reviewed in OSSM. I really like this magazine and I started to list every games reviewed in this game, with the number of the issue and the pagenumber of the review. So, if there's anything like that wich already exists, can somebody tell me ? If not, I will be happy to give you the list when I have finished it.
  3. I use to watch Veronica Mars (ahhh Kristen Bell...) but it is no longer on TV in France. So I watch movies when they are movies.
  4. I like the Chemical Brothers too, especially in WipEout !
  5. I like rap music : Cypress Hill, The PSycho Realm... and I recently discovered The Beastie Boys. Hello Nasty is a masterpiece ! I also like metal music, especially Deftones, Dream Theater or Burzum. I finally like many others artists : Massive Attack, Nas, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, and Game musics of course !
  6. The game that interests me the much is MAFIA II. I know it's going to be out in 2009 but that game is going to be a f***ing (am I authorized to say "bad words" here ? ) masterpiece !! Mafia was already a masterpiece...
  7. We didn't had (have ?) any snow here (France's West coast). Too bad :(
  8. lol Personnaly I really don't care about this war. I certainly will not re-buy my DVDs and I think I will keep buying DVD as long as DVDs will "stay"...
  9. Thanks ! I know abandonware-magazines but they don't have many magazines after 1993...
  10. The problem is, even if I am ready to scan any magazine in my possession, I wonder if you guys will... like that ! Because I own only french magazines !! I own a Playmag from 99. It deals with PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast. I've already scanned others pages from an other magazine for an other forum, but that's not really interesting : it's from Picsou Magazine (I think Picsou is Uncle Scrooge for you)...
  11. Only one girl for me : KRISTEN BELL (aka Veronica Mars) I love her
  12. I'm not a big fan of alcohol, I prefer Coca-Cola (or Coke).
  13. Hi ! i'm Street Platoon and i'm french, so excuse me for my english but I'm only seventeen and still learning your language ! (I wonder how bad I am) Well, I love videogames, especially old. I have (own ?) the Sega Megadrive (maybe you call that the Genesis), the Sega Dreamcast, the Sony PlayStation 2 (but I play a lot of PSone games on it), the Nintendo GameCube and the Nintendo Game Boy (I used tu have the Game Boy Color but I gave (?) it to my little sister). I'm happy that I've found your forum beacuse I was looking for something like it for a long time !