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  1. I Have Some Mags I Wish To Donate.

    This proly counts as a double post or soemthing but hey I want it to show a new post to be sure you read it I got all the mags I could find in the shed out and here is the list... GMR: Issue 05 Jun 2003 No idea what this mag is (online PC games mags going by the cover) and it does not make the 5 year rule. Never the less it's included. You can hoard it until the year limit is up EGM: 78, 85-86, 88, 90-91, 94, 96, 98-101, 103, 106, 111, 113-114, 116, 153 Have 2 covers variants for issue 96. Fighting Force cover and an Apocalypse cover. Some proly dont make the 5 year rule and I did not check the date. Again you can hoard them. Also have the 1996 EGM video game buyers guide. EGM2: Sep 94 Oct 94 Feb 95 Apr 95 Aug 96 Nov 96 Sep 96 Oct 96 Dec 96 Jan 97 Feb 97 Mar 97 Apr 97 May 97 Jun 97 Jul 97 Aug 97 Sep 97 Nov 97 Dec 97 Jan 98 Mar 98 May 98 Jul 98 Aug 98 EGM2 to ExpertGamer name conversion issues. Issue 50. ExpertGamer: 51-54, 56-63, 66, 68-72, 74 PSX: Nov 96 Dec 96/Jan 97 - hahahahahaha. Ziff-Davis had a damn wormhole as well apparently... Jul 97 Tips & Tricks: Sep 97 - missing cover Oct 97 Dec 97 Mar 98 Apr 98 Jun 98 Nov 98 Dec 98 Mar 99 Ultra GamePlayers: Jan 98 109 & 110 Game Informer: Aug 02 Oct 02 Nov 02 Dec 02 Alright thats all I could find. Should have been much much more but I can't find them. They might have been tossed in the trash. Anyway how will you be treating mags that changed names mid run? EGM2 to ExpertGamer. Another is PSX (unofficial) becoming OPM (official). [edit] Well I looked more and could not find any more mags. I have been subscribing to gaming mags for the past 20 years and should have a hell of a lot more of them around. All my 16 bit era mags are missing.... The ones I listed aren't all that impressive in my opinion. You can still have them if you want them but I don't think they are worth the cost of shipping. These multi console mags are just junk to me. I read them just to see what games where coming out and stuff like that. They never had the since of community you got when reading stuff like Nintendo Power or PSM. I never read them cover to cover or wrote them letters or anything like that. They aren't the kind of mags I would want to go back and read again.
  2. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    Tequila. No fancy mixes or anything like that. Just tequila. Usually just good old Quervo Gold but other brands as well. Also good old reliable beer. Many brands but Killians Irish Red or Honey Brown most of the time.
  3. Sega Visions Dates Suck!

    It's actually Dec/Jan of the same year. Back in the early 90's SEGA owned their own wormhole and they used it to do some some weird space time inversion on the magazine.
  4. I Have Some Mags I Wish To Donate.

    I'll proly just do that then. I imagine it leaves a bit of a bulge at the spine though. Proly fixable by just stacking the magazines so they are compressed for a few days however. thanks for the tip. [edit] If you have access to these UK mags how about the UK version of PSM/PSM2/PSM3. Well not PSM3. that wont make the 5 year rule . I always wanted to check out the UK version. Checked out one of yer Saturn issues. They do seem to have scanned well. Proly download all the rest sometime.
  5. I Have Some Mags I Wish To Donate.

    NP issue 1 counts every page as a page number. The very first page number you see is page 4. The contents page. That means the "welcome" message page is 3 and the Powerline page is 2 leaving the cover as page 1. The players poll card is page 89 and 90. The left and right sides of the normal magazine stock section of the Players Poll is 88 and 91. The last page number you see is 105 but I am sure in Nintendo records (You pay per page in a Magazine so I'm sure they kept track of everything they printed) the left and right side of the "registration" ad is pages 106 and 109 with the registration card being 107 and 108. Leaving 110 as the back cover.
  6. I Have Some Mags I Wish To Donate.

    Edited my post. Will do more later. [edit] I might be able to help you with NP issue 1. My issue one aside from the fold on the cover is about as good as it was 19 years ago. Even the color is still vibrant (none of that white splotches that form with normal wear on a mags cover) and all the pages flat. Most of my below issue 80 issues are in such condition. I think my issue 1 is missing that poster insert or whatever it was though. I don't even remember seeing that 19 years ago. Though scanning without destroying the mag is proly not going to work. Even with a flatbed it will be a pain to get a good scan :(
  7. I Have Some Mags I Wish To Donate.

    I'll put together a list. Give me a list of what is missing from NP (covers and posters and stuff and issues you feel could be improved) and I will see if I have anything. My NP issues range in the area of 1-100 and I don't have all 100 and a few have missing covers or are well worn. [edit] Alright I'll start with whats in my room now. the rest is out in the shed. --Donations-- OPM: Vol. 1 1-12 Vol. 2 1-6, 9 Vol. 3 1, 6, 8 I might have more somewhere. All are in good condition. Demos (only good thing about that mag IMO) won't be included in the donation PSM (duplicates): 1-16, 18-19, 22 Issue 11 is the Scorpion cover (I also have the Sub-Zero cover but no duplicate). The rest of the issues I'm keeping but will scan if I can get something going. --Keeping but will scan and will not destroy-- PSM: All except 53, 54, 60, 63, and 66 and above. Wouldn't mind completing my set if you have extras MegaFan: 1-3 Issue 1 is a mini mag (192 pages though). 2 and 3 are normal mags. Nintendo Power: good (in most cases perfect) condition unless noted otherwise. The players guide issues are not included as they are kept in my players guide shelf. I have them all though and all are perfect. Jul/Aug 88' Cover has a fold on the spine edge. Jan/Feb 89' Mar/Aprl 89' Jul/Aug 89' Sep/Oct 89' Cover removed but still present. Cover is otherwise undamaged. Mar/Aprl 90' May/June 90' Jul/Aug 90' Cover removed but still present. Cover is otherwise undamaged. 16, 18 issue 18 cover folded on the spine edge 20-29 Issue 28 has small rip on cover in the center on the spine edge 30-39 40-43, 47-49 50-59 issue 59 missing cover. 60-69 70-79 80, 82-89 Most issues in poor shape 90-97 103, 106 Nintendo Power Advance: Issue 1 only :( I'll edit this post again after I get in the shed. The rest of the mags will be donations.
  8. Does Anyone Remember This?

    I think the article that was from had something to do with sexually suggestive themes video games. I have the magazine and can dig out what issue it was if you want.
  9. Unknown Google Invite

    I could use an invite as well please. Grabbing this stuff off isoHunt, PirateBay, and mininova is no fun and they don't have all the releases. I'm also not sure how "pure" those releases are.
  10. Which Magazine Next?

    I'm for PSM. willing to help get them scanned as well. Been wanting to get it done for a few years.
  11. Premier Issue Of Sega Visions Released!

    I subscribed to some official Sega mag back in the 90's and never got a single issue. They didn't give me my damn monkey back either.
  12. I Have Some Mags I Wish To Donate.

    First of all I want to say THANK YOU for NOT crippling your releases by using worthless annoying PDF files as so many have done in the past. Really thank you so mush for that. I hate PDF. Well I have a lot of stuff you proly want and yer welcome to it. I have at least a few hundred random mid to late 90's gaming mags I really want to get rid of. EGM, EGM2, Game Informer, Game Buyers, P.S.X. (before it became OPM), OPM and a bunch of others. I consider them trash mags and could not care less about them. I donate this free of charge to whoever is willing to pay the shipping or come to Toledo, Ohio and pick them up. I notice on of the staff members in Columbus and thats not to far a drive for me if we met half way or something. This is up to my roommate though as it is his gas. I have tons of Nintendo Powers from the 80's to mid 90's but you guys already seem to have that covered. I might have some of the missing posters and inserts though and I am willing to scan that for you but I'm keeping the mags. I also have an extensive collection of Nintendo players guides if yer interested in that stuff. Again that I am keeping. I will not de bind any of this stuff however so if thats the only way they can be scanned then sorry. I also have many issues of PSM and many that are double issues. The PSMs I am keeping (would give you my NP before I give you my PSM). I'll donate all the double issues with the mixed collection however. I am missing issues 53, 54, 60, 63, and 66 and above. Most posters and inserts are still in them and I have some of the alternate cover issues as well. Like Nintendo Power I will NOT destroy these magazines. Oh and I also have many non Nintendo players guides including a bunch of vintage SEGA CD books. I do not think yer interested in guides though. Now there is a bit of a catch. I do not own a scanner nor do I have the funds to buy one at the moment. Maybe a donation (or perhaps trade for the mags) or reasonably priced sale of a used scanner can be arranged? Also have lots and lots of free time at the moment unless I get this new job I applied for so that one issue a month thing is no problem at all. Proly could do whole years in a week. Well let me know if yer interested. [edit] Thought I would list some of the more obscure and rare strategy guides I have. Also the Nintendo official guides. Links' Awakening (x2) A Link to the Past Donkey Kong Country 3 Final Fantasy 3 (x2) Chrono Trigger NES Game Atlas Super Metroid Top Secret Passwords Mario Mania Super NES players guide GameBoy players guide Donkey Kong Country 1 Super GameBoy Earthbound Nintendo Power Advance (do these make the 5 year rule cuz they are cool books?) I have more but I can not find them. Mega Fan vol. 1 Issue 1. - neat little book with stuff like final doom, Tekken 2, Albert Odyssey and Crash Bandicoot guides and others. High quality mini book. I have a bunch of these magazines as well (keeping them). Secrets of the games Vol 4. SNES - Prima - Over 500 pages and black and white. proly not worth scanning. Secrets of the games Vol 5. Genesis and Sega CD. - Prima - Over 500 pages and black and white. proly not worth scanning. Albert Odyssey Sega Saturn. - mostly text Phantasy Star 2 official Sega guide - one of those little mini books Sword of Vermilion genesis - another little mini book Phantasy Star 4 official guide Popful Mail official guide Sega CD Breath of Fire SNES - Prima Secret of Mana official guide Official Sega Genesis Power Tips Books revised edition Final Fantasy 3 players guide - made by the same guy that did the secret of mana book (Peter Olafson) Boogerman Sega Genesis official guide Vay official guide for Sega CD Lunar Silver Star official guide for Sega CD Lunar Eternal Blue official guide for Sega CD Lufia 1 official guide for SNES About 70 more for PlayStation/N64 and better and those still sell well regardless of the 5 year rule so they are excluded. Most of them are for RPGs and are Prima books.