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  1. thanks mate,I'm uploading another issue next weekend. Stay tuned!

  2. Hey dude, thanks for your Club nintendo uploads. hope you share more of them. Congrats and keep going.

  3. great ones, check it out this one, he one is my favorites... HEREEEE
  4. HI, i'm a Mexican 25 yers ol player since 1987, a megaman and street fighter die hard fan. now i?m gettin in to the PS3 , think is going to be the best. In my free times enjoy playing all those snes and nes games that i necer reached on my PS. so this retro space is great, cant wait to see how can i contributte. and yes..... Yoda teach me how to speak eanglish
  5. first katie holmes Second.. Paz Vega the best of all Missy Peregrym
  6. the funniest thing is that you should have 18+ to watch it...