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  1. I'm new to posting but not I've been a member for awhile. I was wondering if anyone that has an HP touchpad, how does the scanned pictures look from magazines? Do they look fairly clear without zooming? Is the resolution of the pad enough for reading? I am considering buying one and a main reason was reading old mags on the tablet. I know they have ComicShelf HD and will plan on getting that too if I get a touchpad. Thanks for any info on this! Awesome site!!!
  2. I'm 31,a game freak and work for the biggest company in the world....for now...I'm loving Halo 3 ATM
  3. I'm watching: Smallville CSI Law&Order (all flavors) WWE RAW and channel surf (I tun the TV to TV Guide channel by default)
  4. I have a modded XBox,PSone and Saturn (plays imports).I love viewing retromag scans on TV with my XBox
  5. Man,my keyboard is 7 years old and I haven't cleaned it yet,lol.I got some classic stuff on it to say the least
  6. I'd like to see Gamefan.I loved their Japan coverage