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  1. Thanks for seeding...I am currently downloading and will seed when 100%... BTW, the torrent can be reached by searching ( in demonoid wish to be able to do the rest for the lost collection too...especially EGM & EGM2...
  2. I would like to stress this point further. The problem seems now to be concerning filesharing services located in the US. Filesharing services outside the US is still a safe deposit for files I think.
  3. Recommended Emulators

    ATARI 2600 ---> STELLA NES ---> FCE Ultra SNES ---> ZSNES SEGA GENESIS ---> WGENS (Gens for windows) SEGA CD ---> WGENS SEGA 32X ---> WGENS SEGA SATURN ---> nothing yet SEGA DREAMCAST ---> Chankast ARCADE ---> MAME CPS 1 and 2 ---> NEBULA CPS 3 ---> NEBULA special cps3 version NEOGEO ---> NEBULA and NeoRage X Playstation ---> PSX 1.4 and Virtual Game Station (VGS 1.4) Nintendo 64 ---> Project 64 ver. 1.6 and 1964 ver. 0.9.9 Gameboy ,Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance ---> Visual Boy Advance Playstation 2 ---> PCSX2 Version 0.9.2 those are the best based on my 8 years trials...there other very good emulators for other obscure systems like the Amiga and Jaguar.
  4. Playing Final Fantasy

    I played final fantasy VII in 1998 and it was my first...then i played all of the previous ones on emulators then FF8 and so on till FF12 on my PS2.