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  1. Playing Final Fantasy

    The only FF ive been really playing is the 6th one. but as i forgot to save for about 5 hours and died, i didnt finish the game. to this point i had a lot of fun, thats for sure. mystic quest for the game boy is also a FF spin off, and the only title related to FF which i beat. maybe thats the reason why i liked it the most of all ff games. the thing i hate with ff and many other RPG is the fact of random fights... i will play the other parts for sure anyway, as i bought nearly all of them and some of em are true classics, must plays.
  2. I Could Use Some Help.........again.

    That's the combination i use as well, but how do you play the ratDVD format if you do? If you want to get rid off the WMP i recommend the software XPClean.
  3. Recommended/best Nds/gba Flash Cart Pack

    The R4 / M3 Simply is the best way to enhance the nds. the only thing wrong, is the lack of gba support as it is a slot1 solution. it can be used to act as a passcard anyway... as it has not only a rate of 100% compatibility but also is very cheap, it is worth a look for everyone.
  4. Legacy Dos Gaming Box

    I am working on a huge DOS project for a few weeks now and I hardly get problems by getting these games to work with dosbox. But there are a few newer games which do not run that properly (later released ones like imperium romanum). I guess an old machine is the best way to play old games, but 50 bucks is a lot as everyone can get a similar system for a lower price...
  5. Does Anybody Clean Their Keyboard?

    I've seen a TV show in which they said, that a keyboard is usually more dirty than most other things in a household like a toilet for example... time clean it up i guess.