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  1. Does Anybody Clean Their Keyboard?

    I hold mine upside down every few months and give it a good shake!
  2. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    I've never been game enough to open any of my consoles to get them modded. I do have a Supercard for my Gameboy Advance, an R4 for my DS and the Swap Magic discs for the PS2. Much to my chagrin, I haven't yet figured out how to easily play PS1 burnt games on the PS2 yet.
  3. Whats Everyone Watching On Tv?

    Let me see: Heroes Prison Break Californication My Name Is Earl and I'm currently trying to make an effort by watching a classic movie every night
  4. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    I'll have a White Russian, thanks
  5. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    I'm 32, French, and living in Australia. I'm very much into video game history and love to read reviews from the time games were released. Also, to my surprise, my 7-year-old son is also into some of these old games, despite the sometimes crude graphics, which goes to show how gameplay is everything. It also gives me hope that even the generation that hasn't grown up with these games will be able to appreciate their historical importance and preserve them in the future.