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  1. Cgw Issues 1-100

    Issues of Computer Gaming World 1-100 can be downloaded from: up to... You will need to figure out the issue month and year for each issue, but it follows the same pattern. A better source is:
  2. Mega Premier Issue Aquired

    How expensive was shipping on a magazine?
  3. Retromags Google Presence

    I wonder what the value is based on?
  4. Those Bastards Are Doing It Again.

    They've done it since the original Gameboy (remember the GB pocket?). There was only one GB color model, but that was an upgrade to the GB, and one N64. They've also done many special editions. They know how to keep wringing out money for the same products. Maybe that's their business model. They count on being able to sale 1.5 systems to each customer.
  5. What Weird Gaming Things Do You Have?

    I have several Earth Worm Jim toys (I have the one where his head pops off), and an Earth Worm Jim clock. Of course, my desktop wallpaper is also Earth Worm Jim.
  6. Anybody Remember "gamefan"?

    Gamefan was definitely a quality gaming magazine from the early to mid 90's. I read it pretty religiously.