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  1. Hey everyone, So because I have a complete collection of all these issues in high-res scans, I'm selling off my paper copies (limited space, and I've started collecting laserdiscs, so something has to make room). Below are two of my auctions, and I'll probably be putting up more soon too. Also, if anyone is looking for anything in particular, I have a ton of old EGM and Gamepro, as well as a bunch of Game Players Nintendo and Game Boy issues. If you're interested and don't want to wait for it to go up on ebay, send me a PM on here, or ask away on this forum topic, or even send me a PM on ebay. I can give you a complete list of the issues for whatever publication you're interested in, but I don't have a list typed up just yet. Hopefully there's some Canadian folks here, cause the shipping prices to the US are criminal...it should cost so much just to ship to our neighbors. Nintendo Power Lot 1 Nintendo Power Lot 2