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  1. Playing Final Fantasy

    Yap,adventure was good also.I started most of my final fantasy on the Gameboy so i had the most memory there.
  2. Playing Final Fantasy

    I still remember playing my first ever final fantasy back in the old days on the GameBoy.Final Fantasy legend if i did remember correctly.That game sucked me in for hours on end and couldnt stop because it was so much fun and i still played it once in awhile now that i could not devote so much time into it anymore as well as the rest of the final fantasy.I love all the final fantasy games back in the old days much more as i find often that they provide more challenge and replaybility to me than the current final fantasy.Thats not to say that the next-gen is not without its charm,its just that i prefer the old ones more that the new ones.7 was good as it was grounbreaking as many gamers has say,but not for 12 i think.I try playing it and got tired of it after the first few hours and never touch it since