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  1. Nester

    What was the last NP Issue to feature a NESTERS adventures comic strip? and what number was the strip?
  2. Playing Final Fantasy

    That game was the reason I got into RPG's. When I was little, that was one of the only games we had (along with startropics and SMB3), so i played it a lot. I never beat it though, until 2006, when I beat it on the GBA *shame* Yeah, I know I wimped out on the GBA version, but at least I got to sample a bit of the greatness that was the first FF
  3. Not Retro Gaming But An Utter Discrace

    My god, its a professional fanboy! D: but seriously, what is wrong with people that they will badmouth a great game like that for a few extra dollars? ...oh wait, i just answered my own question
  4. Wii Virtual Console

    While I agree that, yes, the wii VC does have a great line-up, there are quite a few great titles that are missing (example of one being Super mario RPG) However. give it time, and the library will expand, and eventually everyone wil be happy