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  1. I assume it will not be a metroid-vania? I hope so. Don't get me wrong, i love my metroid-vania, but an old school castlevania would be awesome.
  2. I've recently beat the original legend of zelda. it was a little tough, but i believe that was due to the NES' hardware, not the game itself.
  3. I've never actually played Kid Icarus. I bought it on the virtual console, but never sat down and played it. I plan to go through the game one day, though.
  4. Super Mario 3. But I really liked Yoshi's island, but I'm not sure if it counts as a mario game. It has Mario in it, and it is called Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's island, but I think most people consider it the first in Yoshi's franchise.
  5. trying to figure out how to fix my stupid tv

  6. downloaded the new version of the internet channel, tried using it, then decided it was trash just like the old version.
  7. I never got the chance to "Two man" mario galaxy, because i didn't know about the feature when i beat it, and because i don't have any friends.
  8. they are easier, for more than a few reasons. better controls and the ability to save your progress has made game more accessible to play. but i couldn't help but shake the feeling that mario galaxy was "dumbed down" to appeal to the new found casual crowd. Hell, the new super mario bros. game on the wii has the ability to "feature "demo play", where players will be able to pause the game, let the game complete the level for them, and resume play at any time by unpausing." what's the point of playing a game if you can have the game play itself for you? this was clearly added to appreal to nintendo's new target audience. anyway, i did eventually beat the first three mario games on the nes, but it was their remakes i beat, not the original games. though that shouldn't matter much since they were just graphical enhancements.
  9. the original legend of zelda. after swinging my sword in its successors, just stabbing forward didn't feel right. not to mention that there were more than a few engrish moments (let's play money making game, its a secret to everyone, etc) but these flaws give the game charm, something that more than a few newer games today lack.
  10. I grew up in the NES era.... during the snes era. back then my family didn't have a lot of money, so i got an nes one year for some reason (it wasn't anyone's birthday or christmas. we just went to the store and got one one day) This turned out to be a pretty good choice, since there was a huge nes library for me to choose from and prices on all the games had dropped. i acquired about 10 games in a few months and many many more since. I eventually got an SNES because i wanted to play donkey kong country, but i still played my nes, and continue to do so today. anyway, on appreciating systems from the past, i really don't think its possible for kids raised on a 360 to enjoy something like old school mario. its not that mario is a bad game, its just not what they're used to. they don't "get" it. an example of this is that while i started on an nes, i can't enjoy an atari game. Its alien to me. the first time i actually saw an atari was only two years ago. i tried some atari games and just couldn't enjoy it. the graphics weren't on par with my standard, the nes. the games didn't really have any story. and i could care less about getting points. what i'm saying is that the nes was a game changer. after its release, the goal of a videogame was to finish it to its completion rather than achieve the highest score, which was a major component of atari gaming. sure, Super Mario Bros. and a number of other nes games had points, but they were secondary to the experience, and eventually were dropped from games altogether. I can appreciate the historical significance of the Atari and its games, but i'm not likely to play a game of haunted house or Yar's revenge. Contrast this to a kid playing the ps3 or 360, the game changer for them is online play, and one player modes are starting to take a back seat to the multiplayer experience. Not only that, but consoles can do more than just play games. Perhaps when they look at a system that "only plays games" and doesn't have an online component, they see it as inferior and therefore not worth their time. their loss, i suppose.
  11. some of the newer platformers are good, but aren't as good as the old ones. the new super mario bros on the ds is an example of this. the power-ups weren't that great, and there weren't a lot of levels. don't get me wrong, i loved the game, but it left me craving for more. it looks like the new super mario bros wii will have some original power-ups, and i like the level design so far, so maybe it will be a great game instead of just good.
  12. I picked up mega man II with the box about a year ago. that was my most recent retro gaming purchase. well, I bought a new dreamcast from thinkgeek, but i don't count dreamcast as retro.
  13. I downloaded the remake on xbox live, but haven't really played it. I miss my jump button.
  14. my fav is teenage mutant ninja turtles iv: turtles in time. in my opinion, the best of all the turtles beat 'em ups and the best one in the genre.
  15. the first one i bought with my own money was the redesigned ps2. the rest of the consoles were gifts. my very first console was the nes.
  16. yes, I agree. its time for Final Fantasy VII fanboys to let it go. It was a fun game, but not the "b3st g4me 3vars"
  17. I agree. playing Mario 64 on the classic controller just didn't feel right. Playing Zelda Ocarina of time is somewhat difficult on the Wii as well. Its weird playing the ocarina on a thumbstick instead of the c buttons. I know there are people that modify old 64 controllers for use on the wii, and they even give detailed instructions on how to modify the controller. I'd like to try that sometime, but I don't have the time or resources to do so.
  18. I don't really agree or disagree with any of those picks, mostly because i've never owned any of those consoles. I'd like to buy them as a collector's item, though. I still think that the Virtual Boy is pretty cool. I'd like to had a 64DD. Its similar to the Famicom Disk System, and would have done well if it were released early in the console's life, as the disk system was.
  19. so not only will everyone be fat, but stupid too? I'm not buying this. Yes, there is an obesity problem in the united states, but i don't think it will ever get to the point where everyone will be obese. Anyone who speaks about something as if its the absolute truth will almost always be wrong. also, I found the statistic on the fattest countries. apparently some country I never heard of called Nauru is the fattest at almost 95%.
  20. I'll subscribe when they get going again. then in 15 or so years i'll upload the magazine to regtomags.
  21. I found retromags when it was featured on digg two years ago.
  22. ugh, I can feel my arteries clogging already.
  23. I think that if enough fans let nintendo know that we want a snes controller for the wii, they'll make it happen. North America never had a club nintendo until last year. Well, there was a club nintendo, but there weren't any prizes for registering ninendo products.
  24. there are a few standalone "classic" controllers available through companies such as nyko. Also, the Japanese club nintendo has a SNES controller that you can connect to a wii remote. Kind of pointless seeing as the classic controller is basically a SNES controller with a few extra knobs and buttons, but still cool nonetheless.