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    I wouldn't have known about this project had I not seen something about it after following a link from Digg, and I'm glad people are bothering to do all of this. I loved reading Nintendo Power as a kid, and these scanned magazines will help me relive some of that. Besides, I own more NES games now than I ever did when the system was popular, making the magazine more interesting to read now than it ever was then. The sudden and unrestrained onslaught of nostalgia may trigger an early mid-life crisis, but apparently that's what they call having fun at this age.
  2. I don't have cable, either, so I watch what I can at other people's houses or online. Lately I've been watching: MythBusters South Park (Imaginationland is probably my favorite episode(s) to date) The Daily Show Red Dwarf Robot Chicken
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Bleach: The Blade of Fate Megaman ZX Advent
  4. I'll do my top 5 most memorable covers of video game songs. 1. Orchestral Game Concert II - E.V.O. - "Sorrow" 2. Metroid Metal - Metroid - "Brinstar" 3. CarboHydroM - Ikaruga - "Antimatter" 4. NESkimos - Bionic Commando - "Movement ii, part a" 5. Eric's Little Shack - Megaman 3 - "Intro" Also, The Protomen don't do covers, but they wrote a rock opera about Megaman. It's all kinds of awesome.