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  1. What Weird Gaming Things Do You Have?

    I have Protoman and Rush action figures from Megaman. They're totally awesome.
  2. Does Anybody Clean Their Keyboard?

    My computer teacher told me that most non-fancy keyboards can just be put in the dishwasher to clean it up quick. but ive never tried it, for fear of keyboard ruination >>
  3. October 2007 Gaming Purchases

    I got the Orange Box in October, and that pretty much kept me going until a few days ago (I'd never played Half-Life 2, or Episode 1)
  4. Would You Want To Buy Magazines From Retromags?

    Oh no, I was referring to EoghanH's idea I like the duplicate idea, and might buy some of them if i ever get around to buying a SNES/Genesis like I've been meaning to.
  5. Would You Want To Buy Magazines From Retromags?

    Wouldn't reprinting and selling them be some sort of copyright infringement?