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  1. I can't believe they are continuing to sue people like this, they are just further alienating their customers.
  2. Whats Everyone Watching On Tv?

    The only thing im watching regularly is south park right now, looking foward to the start of 24 and lost
  3. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    If your interested in looking manly, heres an interesting article on drinks: http://campussqueeze.com/static/the-manliest-drinks.html
  4. Bluray And Hd-dvd

    I think blu-ray has a good chance just because its built into the PS3, HD-DVD has a better looking name though
  5. October 2007 Gaming Purchases

    Ive been playing GH3 nonstop since I bought it, still havent mastered into through fire and flames yet though