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  1. Retromags Collection Moving to Newsgroups

    you need to consult with phillyman on that. you were new so you probably didn't know everything that was going back then. my name is not highlighted in red for nothing. it was a christmas special and it was lifetime membership for donating so he could get a new hard drive.
  2. Retromags Collection Moving to Newsgroups

    remember when this forum was on the brink of closing down? i, like many others chipped in for a new server or hard drive. in return we got lifetime premium membership with direct links. i think there should be direct links to download the mags for us.
  3. Retromags Collection Moving to Newsgroups

    what about premium members like me on this site? at the very least i think there should be download links for us.
  4. October 2007 Gaming Purchases

    brought persona 3 , growlanser, phantom hourglass, MM: zx advent, grimgrimoire, and some imports.
  5. Www.digg.com

    this site got mentioned numerous times before. the digg effect is that powerful though.
  6. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    i'm 22 and i would like to see old mags i used to read
  7. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    i only mod stuff to play imports.