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  1. That "all-Classified Information" issues sounds like Top Secret Passwords. It should have a thicker, Player's Guide style cover (because it is, in fact, a Player's Guide).
  2. Is there a chart somewhere that shows which issues have been acquired, scanned, and converted to PDF? I saw in the Wiki a list of acquired issues, CBR releases, but not a list of issues that are converted to PDF. I'd like to help out with the PDF side but don't want to go converting and indexing issues that have already been done.
  3. All my stuff is modded, but I still mostly buy games. In the past I copied everything, but usually only played a game the one initial time I fired it up. I really can't stand 99% of games. I miss the NES era when Nintendo's nazi-like control on the industry resulted in mostly good game releases. Compare that to the shovelware on PS2 and Wii (and the overpriced, pretty but mindless HiDef games on PS3/360). If I liked a game, I bought it. Now, I just test games via GameFly, and buy the good stuff. The modchips seem like a waste now (and too much of a hassle).
  4. The old Nintendo Power was created by Nintendo of America. Now it's outsourced to another publisher. I hope it doesn't become like PlayStation Underground. I remember when Sony Computer Entertainment published PlayStation Underground as CD-ROMs, now it's just a generic crappy magazine by some outsourced publisher. I'll bet 99% of NP's charm is going out the window.
  5. elranzer


    Yep. Gotta admit, I found this site on Digg myself.
  6. Torrent contents eventually lose popularity and then disappear. It would be nice to have some NP Players Guide in the RetroMags library, if not just the super-classic ones such as the NES Atlas and Mario Mania.
  7. Just found this site. Looking to contribute with editing and PDF conversion as well as read some old magazines.