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  1. Nes Zapper Mouse

    LOL! I thought this post would be about using a mouse as a NES Zapper for emulators, like what Zsnes has built in where you can use the mouse as a Super Scope sight, wicked fun on Terminator 2: The Arcade Game...
  2. Building A Dedicated Emulator Pc

    Why don't you just softmod an XBOX and build a new Super Nintendo looking case for it? If not best idea is to try pic one of those old Pentium 4 jobbies you see going for next to nothing on car boot sales nowadays and pop in a GB of RAM and a cheapo (£30 - 50) graphics card 'Radeon 1300XT' or similar would be fine. I regularly run any SNES/Megadrive/Amiga game on my old PC, even though I'm currently running a AMD 64X2 with 2GB RAM and 1900XT. It's just so much fun, also get a wired XBOX 360 pad, they work awesome for emulated games!
  3. Computer Fans Are Too Loud

    One of my work collegues has to work on a computer that has a fan like a hydralic drill, it spins up then when you power down the PC it goes 'CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK... GRRRRRNKKKK' all accompanied by this high pitched squeal like an unoiled fridge door.
  4. Streetfighter Ii: Turbo Gameguide?

    Does anyone have a scan of the Nintendo Power that has the SFII:Turbo game guide in? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  5. Love To See These Mags...

    I have every copy of ZZap 64 magazine on DVD already scanned, does anyone want me to post it? Each issue is about 30MB large.
  6. Total! Nintendo Magazine (uk Version)

    Dont suppose anyone knows where to get a scan of a few of these magazines? They were my favourite mag, back in the day, and would love to read some of the older issues, especially the NES reviews of Smash TV, Turtles and Zelda GB!