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  1. Top 5 Most Memorable Video Game Songs

    Ooh, thats tough, only 5? Well, if I had to choose I would pick: Crono Trigger OST Final Fantasy (got to see Nobuo Uematsu's "Dear Friends" concert!) Legend of Zelda Super Mario Bros. Wild Arms
  2. Three new Final Fantasy IV videos

    No way! There is going to be actual voice acting in this!? That just killed what little doubt I had on getting this game! Sign me up for a preorder!
  3. Wow, an 8-bit remake? That is surprising to see, but I like it! I hope that there will be more like this in the future.
  4. Playing Final Fantasy

    Ah Final Fantasy, the one series that never fails to give me at least a good couple dozen hours of enjoyment! I have only played 1 and 2 on the re-released GBA version, but I did indeed finish FFI. FFII is another story....While I did enjoy that there were characters with actual names and backgrounds, the fighting system seriously put me off. Sure it makes sense, get hit more often = you gain more stamina/endurance/hp, but having to actually hit your own guys in battle just to have enough hp for a regular battle just got frustrating. FFIII I never played until I got the DS version, but I am still playing it. Pretty fun so far, but the whole "Have to be out in the world map to save" thing is really annoying. FFIV (or FFII back in the SNES days) I have completed and it is definitely one my top favorites. FFV I have beat on both the PS and GBA versions. FFVI (FFIII in SNES days) I have beat multiple times, number 1 on my favorites list, FFVII is where most Final Fantasy players got their start, FFVIII was definitely a departure from VII but I thought it was very good, I loved the challenge of having enemies become stronger as well. FFIX was very fun even though it wasn't as memorable for me as the past versions. FFX was a lot of fun but the whole skill grid didn't really mix well IMO. FFXI, well MMO so I never really bought it, and FFXII was very fun to play but the characters were a bit bland compared to the previous installments. I hope to someday buy a PS3 for FFXIII and XIII:Versus, and find a friend that will let me borrow their PSP for Crisis Core.
  5. Anybody Remember "gamefan"?

    Heh yeah I remember I had purchased a few "Gamefan" magazines back then. I think I may still have a few lying in my closet somewhere haha! If I do, I will see if I can scan a couple pages.