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  1. Kickmaster is a lot like Low-G man, and perhaps unsurprisingly, as Taxan did both games. It has the same feel, but is greatly improved all around and much more emphasis on melee, and a wide assortment of obvious and hidden abilities. I feel it's one of the systems greatest games. My favorite game for Nes however, is Gun-Nac. I am constantly surprised at how few people know of this game, and even less of it's greatness. It's the Pseudo sequel to Zanac, and one of Compiles greatest efforts on any platform before or since.
  2. Hey, i'm just a guy on the internet. I see there a lot of real game lovers here, not like a bunch of other game related forums. I even saw someone mention Gun-Nac, it doesn't happen very.. ever. I've been trying to find a way to preserve my old magazines but didn't have the means of time to do it, and just happened along a play I could both contribute to and mutually benefit from, which is neat. I sepnt much of my time reading and collecting magazines from the late 80's to now, in all formats, and may very well have some that are missing. I just need the time to actually go through them and not ruin them all in the process.
  3. I work for a major publisher. With that out of the way, I say, yes I have a modded PS2, psp, x-box and everything else. I do download games, but if somethings good I feel whoever had a hand in making it deserves some recognition for it, and some money, even if most of that money is squandered on publishers, advertising, and failed projects most of which the creative types don't actually get to see. It is a bit frustrating, admittedly.
  4. I don't usually buy things without waiting for a bit, even if I can afford them, but this title is different. When you buy a Mario game, you know you are getting at least a well above average competency platformer, and the overwhelmingly positive response to the game makes it a no-brainer buy for any gamer, especially one invested in current gen consoles.
  5. Low-G Man is one of my favorites. Yes, it's not perfect, but it has some strange appeal to me, and great music for the most part. Had a few interesting gimmicks, like freezing enemies, and jumping entire screens at a time, riding vehicles, walking on ceilings, Weapon pick ups, and a weird aesthetic that meshed well. Whomp-em was another good one, though possibly offensive and ostensibly just a rip-off of the Mega man formula, it was rather fun.