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  1. Computer And Video Games Issue 188 (july 1997)

    Great. Not sure if I'll be uploading more mags. I had easy access to a scanner about a year ago and I scanned that magazine then. If another opportunity arises we'll see In any case I've enjoyed a good number of scans from you guys, so thanks for that and all.
  2. Computer And Video Games Issue 188 (july 1997)

    Doesn’t sound too difficult. I think I can manage that.
  3. Computer And Video Games Issue 188 (july 1997)

    I have no idea. Go ahead if you know how.
  4. I've uploaded this to rapidshare. Freeplay and the Tekken 3 Guide came with the magazine. (Missing page 2 and 15) Disclaimer: Everything is © Future Publishing. If any profit is derived from viewing this scan, said profit must go to them. Only download this if you already own the magazine. ---- As I bonus I also have a magazine about Microprose that you can dl here.
  5. Pc Format - Collector's Series Volume Six

    I have a grand total of 1 PC format issue - was more of a PC Gamer freak - and you can probably guess why I bought that one PC Format issue. I'll UL the CBR then, but not today.
  6. Scanned this @ 200 DPI. It's a companion magazine to PC Format about good ol' Microprose. Download the whole rag from here and a PDF reader from here. I had to compress it quite a bit to fit it on the server and I will take it down later. If there's interest I'll torrent the cbr when I get around to making that.