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  1. can you not just scan then as you would another mag, go from front to back with numbers 1-100 (example) but tell let people know these are read from back to front? So page 100 would in theory be page 1.
  2. the Neo control is superb, if your right handed, I had to play shooter games cross handed cause my left finger is my trigger finger but still the control was one of the things that made it. It also felt like you had a arcade machine in your living room and probably because it went back to my youth when arcade machines were in your local leisure centre. Not anymore. I really enjoyed the Super Sidekicks series on the AES. Simple gameplay. Did anyone like Circuit Breakers on the PS1? I also liked Kensei Sacred Fist and Gekido. I am sure these are all cheap £1.50ish games these days. A loaf of bread could cost you more here now
  3. I have just sold my Neo AES Meppi :( Needed the money. I have owned 4 expensive games for that console. Had Big Tournament Golf (sun faded cover) great game the CD version has an extra course, just sold that too :( Shocktroopers 2nd Squad (I really loved this game), Metal Slug 3 and Pulstar (conversion). Had loads of others too including Last Resort and Viewpoint. The Neo is no more tho However SNK are realising a lot of compilations for the PS2. Not that they are releasing them here in the UK. So far there is: SNK Arcade Classics (PS2, PSP & Wii) - includes art of fighting, baseball stars 2, burning fight, fatal fury, kof 94, king of the monsters, last resort, magician lord, metal slug, neo turf masters, samurai showdown, sengoku, shock troopers, super sidekicks 3, top hunter, world heroes World Heroes anthology (PS2) - all the World Heroes games Fatal Fury Battle Archives vol.1 (PS2) - includes FF1, HH2, FF Special and FF3, Fatal Fury Battle Archives vol.2 (ps2) - includes Real Bout FF, RBFF2, RBFF Special Art of Fighting Anthology (PS2) - All 3 games Only Art of Fighting compilation and Metal Slug Anthology have been released on Pal as far as I am aware. I have seen your site before. I just got Gussun Oyoyo and Asuka 120 Burning Fest for the PS1 for £5 each Trying to get hold of Ore No Ryouri cheap. I have seen the Adventures of Little Ralph but it is not cheap either. Got Hermie Hopperhead cheap too I have tons of retrogames i am sorting thro at the minute.
  4. Harmful Park (Jap) on the PS1 - Not a cheap game tho. If you like shoot 'em ups this could be your thing. Have a look here RC De Go on the PS1 I like it, some don't. It's cheap as chips. The Bombing Islands - PS! puzzle game much like Bombuzal on the Amiga.
  5. I used to like the Agassi, Sampras matches. Becker too I think back 10 years or so there was more competition for the top spots then there seems to be now, in the male game I mean. These days the top 3 are above most others by a long way. Female wise the old game had some great players, Hingis, Graf, Seles (before she was stabbed :( ), Sabatini, Navrativlova, Novotna. There are some good female players now too, Hantuchova, Sharapova, Ivanovic, Jankovic etc... I actally think the womens game at the minute is probably more competitive then the mens, in the sense the is a chance that anyone could win.
  6. I can see loads of people just getting it and then discarding it, like a fad, but I like it and have used it a fair bit. Like the Ski Jump game and most of the exercises. What's your least fav exercise?
  7. I have been playing GTA IV but I am not sure I like it yet. Boom Blox is ok and using the Wii Fit.
  8. I like tennis but don't really have fav's. I enjoy watching federer against nadal. Sharapova is good to watch too ;-) Here in the UK we don't really have much success. No woman players that are any good and only one decent male single player.
  9. coffee. yuk.... and when you get the coffee sweet in a pack of revels double yuk...
  10. well back then I had a way of getting games cheap and selling doubles to enable me to pick up more I needed. So I could eat and survive then. My sources have dried up since then.
  11. I am actually looking forward to some of the Capcom Xbox Live Arcade games coming up soon. Is that sad?
  12. I have just got hold of Super Mario Galaxy (£20) - (Wii) Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition (£60) - new (360) Perfect Dark Limited Edition - sealed - £6 (360) Test Drive Unlimited - £4 (360) Call of Duty 2 - £2 (360)
  13. this was some of what I used to own changed a lot tho. I have just had to sell the Neo AES due to fund issues. The PC Engine, Lynx, 2600, Master System have gone :( The Neo CD and Pocket next. Living is a damn sight more expensive thesedays.
  14. I can't see the map. I am from Gloucester in the UK