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    Nothing of great detail to share. I'm 25; games are amongst my earliest memories; my first game played was a NES title by the name of Monster Party; I frequently rented TMNT; and, I was a lover and collector of then-awesome video game magazines. I especially loved Electronic Gaming Monthly for their phone book-thick issues back in the early-mid 90s. These days, I look to the internet for my gaming news and playable demos/video previews, and I've since migrated from the Nintendo brand, to Sony's. I'm currently a PS2er, looking to get my first PS3 in the coming weeks. I used to enjoy the Gameboy; never got into the GBA or the Nintendo DS. A decade+ after laying to rest my brick-heavy Gameboy, I turned to Sony's Playstation Portable. Loving it, admiring the library of titles, and the "flexibility" of the handheld, itself. I found my way here after investigating Nintendo's promotional video content for the N64 and the hyping of it and its earliest games. I found a video on YouTube that contained a 2-part video recording of the VHS I received when I was subscribed to Nintendo Power. (Clip 1, Clip 2.) So, I took an interest in seeing whether or not I could discover archives that centered around retro video game magazines, and... well, I took to this site. Hey, there.