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  1. I own a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS. My PC though getting old can play at least some next gen games. Love playing Uncharted 2 co-op online, very addictive.
  2. There are no games I would never play, just some I would have trouble playing so have put off attempting yet, others I never had a chance to play. Super Mario 64 ( Never had the right console but will try it on the DS eventually) Final Fantasy games (Like watching others play them, love the FMV's, not that fond of RPG's) Crash Bandicoot games (will get around to them eventually) I usually play new games now, and what time I have when I feel up to playing games gets shorter and shorter, but I still occasionally play PS1 games. Odds are I will eventually play at least one Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy game, not in any hurry though.
  3. Changes To The 5 Year Rule!

    Thanks meppi.
  4. Changes To The 5 Year Rule!

    While l would have liked to have seen the issues from 2000 included in the retromags collection l am fine with the decision. However l had thought we would have till February 27th to download those that were to be deleted, they seem to have vanished already could we please have a bit longer to download them.
  5. Which Skin Do You Like The Best?

    Scared the life out of me, l wondered who died. Cannot say l like such a dark skin, much prefer the old default.
  6. April Fools!

    Did not fool me for one instant.
  7. Whats Stopping You?

    My ancient scanner is pretty much dead and rarely scans anything these days that is usable, but l will hopefully be getting a new one next month, and do own a few old magazines although nothing that was requested. Unfortunately l have a lot of other scanning commitments, but will do a few gaming magazines as well.
  8. Stumbleupon Retromags!

    Review posted as Aussie500 Edit - Thanks Phillyman :toast:
  9. Cgw Issues 1-100

    l just used this page to download those up to 100, never found any of the later ones, the first 100 issues came to 2.83Gb
  10. Maximum The Videogame Magazine

    Thanks for the scans meppi, without your hard work l would not have even realised such a great magazine ever existed, let alone get the opportunity to read all the issues. Also thanks for the link to the download section, that part of the forum seems to have completely escaped my attention, now all l need is to find a magazine to scan.
  11. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    Chipped Playstation and XBox, but the PS2, gamecube, GBA and XBox360 are not modded at all.
  12. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    l discovered Retromags while hunting for scans of old Tomb Raider articles, l do not scan much due to technical problems, and usually scan comics, but hope to add at least a few scans to the collection next year.
  13. Auctions Won By Retromags

    Hopefully not, perhaps he is a bit late posting things, it would be a pity for them to not arrive.
  14. Auctions Won By Retromags

    That was a bargain for $11
  15. Ps2 Emulation Question

    Thanks l will make an iso, the compatibility news what not good, but hopefully l will get something of the disc.