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  1. LMNTO (laugh my nintendo thumbs off) when i saw this a year or two ago i became sooooooooooo jealous how cool is this, even tho the last code is wrong
  2. im kinda in the same boat as DPsx7 my goal was to build my collection in that fashion, I do have a bunch of games i dont play but some have become worth money o the time such as even Super Mario Bros. for nes a couple years ago couldn't get a buck (even Canadian) lol but now worth 5 bucks, so now some systems worth 100 bucks are now 300-400 bucks in box so like i said in the 1st line lol im in the same boat as DPsx7
  3. well guys i think for me id have to say the Amiga CD32 WHY you askbecause it was only released in canada and i remember it being great compared to my nes at the time cd sound is what i think got me its a rare one one that i dont have in my huge collection id love one!!! but unfortunately cant find one :( battletoad was cool on it!!!! the sound i mean LOL
  4. That cracks me up too twiztor from what i can find out, that was going to be the name. i wonder if any of that old text/sprtie/gfx is left on the rom??? id like to know!
  5. The 1st system i ever played was the Atari ("Have You Played Atari Today") i always sing that song in my head when i hear the word Atari lol My 1st systems was the NES 1st system i bought my self was ps1
  6. Wow good lists! I own alot of different systems...with the exception of a few really rare consoles i'd say my Nes Complete in box is something id have a hard time letting go as much as my sega gens /cd model 2 /32x in box i have a model 1 sega gens non-tmss and model 1 cd v 1.10 i really think is neat (has amazing sound) i have a few other systems in box but i think those consoles i listed above are the ones i like the most As for rare? i dont think i really have anything that would be considered super duper " omg you have that" rare not that i know of anyway, i dont have anything unopened i have a ton of games in the box but all open.