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  1. We have a similar story, but I was lucky enough to have a few rich classmates who got every game they asked for, would get bored with them, and I would eventually be able to convince them to let me borrow their games. Also we were lucky to have some very cheap rental places in my area back then. Our local grocery store would rent games for $1 per day, which seems impossibly cheap in retrospect. However once I started work full time and had disposable income, I started going overboard with buying games. In fact I hit my absolute peak back when I joined RetroMags in 2009ish. I've now pared down to my absolute favorites and revisit each one about once per year.
  2. When you said "...been burned buying games a LOT worse" you are correct! And heck, I didn't learn my lesson, because 4 years later in 1995, after working hard at a job, I finally saved up enough money to buy a game. And what did I buy? Did I buy Chrono Trigger? No, I spent $79.99 in 1995 money ($157 in 2024 USA Dollars) on Mega Man X2. A great, fun game that I beat in 2 days. "Why didn't I rent this?" was my question I kept asking myself. And man, you are so right. The absolute worst game I ever got, one that was so bad I felt an immense level of guilt about the money my parents spent on it, was Deadly Towers for the NES. I still feel bad about that game. It was really hard, the music was awful, it made no sense, it was just plain bad. Also 720 Degrees on the NES. A middling port of an already threadbare arcade game. And man, did I feel terrible when my sister Sharon saved up her hard earned money and bought CastleQuest for me. CQ wasn't the worst of the worst, but I just didn't like it, but I played it because I felt bad that she spent so much money on it, haha!
  3. I agree that those scores are way too low for Mega Man 3, however... I have to say Kitsune when I spent $50 of money I saved up for Mega Man 3 as a kid and it was a massive disappointment. It wasn't too hard; in fact I beat it within a day. The music was great for sure, but it was one of the biggest "Oh no, all of my money is gone" moments as a kid. "That's it? I liked Mega Man 2 better." I ended up trading it a few months later for the PC version of Maniac Mansion. Monetarily it was a terrible deal, but I still have that same boxed copy of Maniac Mansion and all of the inserts as one of my prized possessions. Personally. I'll always remember Mega Man 3 as being life lessons in both managing money and expectations, haha! On a whole, I think people recognize 3 as a good mainline Mega Man game but admit that the rushed feeling is there throughout the entire experience.
  4. Thank you, E-Day, as always. Out of curiosity, do you happen to have September of 1988 the May 1990 issue of this magazine?
  5. But please be sorry for maligning the amazing Waialae Country Club! (kidding haha...but I do own it...haha)
  6. It is working, and please no need to be sorry! I greatly appreciate all the hard work you and everyone is has done over these last many years
  7. And hey, I like True Golf Classics haha. I own it CIB with the poster, too, haha.
  8. The quality of these scans are phenomenal, HardcoreHubz and Kitsunebi
  9. I wanted this so much as a kid after seeing it in VG&CE
  10. I have the same issue as @slartibartfast when I use SumatraPDF (it will open CBZ files.) The issue is that the naming convention does not have leading zeroes for numbers less than 100. Some readers don't have "smart sort" so they will order it incorrectly. So the file names are currently like: Image0 Image1 ... Image15 Image16 ... Image150 Image151 ... It should be Image000, Image001, Image015, Image199, and so on to make sure that all readers sort the pages properly. Perhaps we can make this a stickied suggestion for scanners/editors?
  11. Oh, and finally, at the end where it discusses hooking up your NES to a VCR or computer, it talks about male and female plugs and says "If you need further explanation [of why these are called male and female plugs], you'll need to ask your father" haha
  12. Here's the "interview", really just a comment by the artist: http://dreamandfriends.com/2011/03/05/news-of-the-world-updates/
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