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  1. Search By Game?

    Thanks, Kitsune. I deleted (well, I made it hidden) my follow-up post about my struggles with the search bar. I'll leave the Google info here, though, just in case if anyone would find it useful.
  2. Search By Game?

    As long as a magazine has a section with "In this issue..." you can try this: "The Game I Want To Find" site: You don't have to put the game name in quotes, but it makes the search more specific. If you put Super Metroid there without quotes, it would also pull in hits with just the word Metroid in it. When I tried this with your search: "the warriors" site: It kicked back three separate Game Informer entries (145, 150, 153).
  3. I don't have any issues you are looking for, sadly.

  4. Yes, I'd donate them, but i'd prefer to trade. Do you have any Game Player's from mid-1995? I'm specifically looking for August 1995. In addition the October 1992 issue of VG&CE (Sonic 2 cover).

  5. Hi E-Day, I have the Final Fantasy III guide and the SMW2: Yoshi's Island guides from Nintendo Power. Are you interested in them?

  6. Little Smile Makers: Link's Awakening

    Great mini-post Areala. This game is so sublime.
  7. Treshombres Work In Progress

    April 1989 Uploaded May 1989 Uploaded and fixed June 1989 Uploaded July 1989 September 1989 November 1989 January 1990 March 1990 June 1990 July 1990 January 1992 July 1992 February 1993
  8. Treshombres Work In Progress

    Update - May of 1989 has been fixed up and re-uploaded. The text is now much easier to read. April 1989 Uploaded May 1989 Uploaded and fixed June 1989 July 1989 September 1989 November 1989 January 1990 March 1990 June 1990 July 1990 January 1992 July 1992 February 1993
  9. Treshombres Work In Progress

    Hi All...Triverse has been kind enough to scan the few VG&CE's that we don't share in common. I sent them over to him last week and he already has one scanned and uploaded! Here's the current status: April 1989 Uploaded May 1989 Uploaded June 1989 July 1989 September 1989 November 1989 January 1990 March 1990 June 1990 July 1990 January 1992 July 1992 February 1993
  10. Retromags Looking For Nintendo Game Guides!

    Phillyman...PM me your address, I can send this via media mail. And this time, for real...not like in November.
  11. Retromags Looking For Nintendo Game Guides!

    I have an extra copy of the Banjo-Kazooie guide I'd be willing to donate if someone can scan it.
  12. Hd/data Recovery Software.....

    SpinRite is a godsend. What I love is that SR doesn't care what kind of drive you give it, it can be part of a RAID, or it can even be one you pulled out of your TiVO. It works on such a low-level (thanks to Steve's hardcore assembly programming skills) that pretty much any HD will be recoverable.
  13. Legacy Dos Gaming Box

    I'm not sure what you mean by this, perhaps you can clarify? My ancient 286, built in 1987, has a motherboard with only ISA slots but still has "IDE connectors". This is a misnomer , however - the cables were then called AT Attachment, now called PATA . IDE refers to the actual drive and indicates that the controller is integrated on the drive (hence "Intergrated Drive Electronics"). Previously to then, as in pre-1986, the PC needed a separate HD controller card that would fit into one of the expansion slots. Once IDE drives were introduced, you could just simply hook the drive right up to your motherboard as all of the logistics were handled by the drive. My suggestion would be to track down an early Pentium 1 based machine that has at least a few ISA/EISA slots. Most P1-based machines have a mixture of ISA and PCI. DOS games love ISA, especially for sound cards. Ideally the graphics card is not integrated on the motherboard and is ISA as well. For really old games that have timing issues (meaning games that were written for a specific processor speed and perform horribly on "fast" machines like 486-66's and P1-166's) you should also track down bremze,moslow,etc. If anyone is interested in more information feel free to post here or PM me. I have a 286,386,486, P1, and a ridiculously old 8088 and all still work. All of my classic PC gaming is done on the P1. That said, DOSBox is amazing and it works for most people's needs.
  14. Need Help With Nintendo Power Issue 001

    What a freaky coincidence...that's the same reason why I can't scan it in right now.
  15. Looking For Anything Nintendo Power Related

    I have: A near complete set of the Super Power Trading Cards, plus a few of the little books that hold them (black fake leather with the NP logo on the front, each page holding 4 cards). The SMB2 tip books Nintendo Power Index #2 and #3, possibly #1 First power supplies catalog (I love this favorite being the birthday party set) MMX pogs And so on...I'll do an inventory when I get the chance.