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  1. I do have the October 1992 issue (listed as missing for sure) with the holographic Sonic 2 cover. I would not mind donating it, but it is one of the few items that I have from around when my dad passed away, and I don't think I could bear it being debinded I am really sorry.
  2. I had donated quite a few VG&CE here way back in 2009ish. And then, for reasons I cannot recall, the scans were taken away by the scanner? Or are they still here? I ask because I swore I donated a few that are listed as "missing" now...
  3. Yes this is a great guide. It helped me through Metroid and Rygar as a kid.
  4. Thank you @E-Day. I have the stickers (still stuck to their original paper) for this guide. If I can get a good scan of them, would you like to add them to this scan? Thanks!
  5. I am still waiting for my approval, for what it is worth...
  6. They are doing amazing work and are completely transparent. On their Twitter feed -- which is publicly available, even if you do not have a Twitter account -- they show off what they need, what they have gathered, and what they have preserved in their collection. As for "access their stuff": "The ultimate goal is to create a searchable, organized, always-online archive of verified, high-quality material that is accessible to researchers and historians as a public education resource."
  7. Update: the seller has been in contact with me as well as TheRedEye to say "I've been busy" and to me specifically "I will be gathering everything together soon."
  8. Yes, they still exist. TheRedEye is a member here, too. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you messaged him (politely).
  9. I got him in touch with another RetroMags member (@TheRedEye) who was very interested in a huge bulk buy, and the poster said "Great! I'll be in touch with him soon..." and yet here we are now. TheRedEye said that when they buy these magazines that any duplicates are donated to us here. So it seemed like such a great situation. This seller gets a guaranteed bulk buyer of his magazines, and we end up benefiting from it, too.
  10. I have a feeling that either his post wasn't legit or he changed his mind about selling his collection. He stopped responding to my PMs and he stopped responding to the comments in his original post.
  11. It was just "contact me." I am getting a bit concerned at this point since he hasn't replied to me since yesterday.
  12. Thanks for this! Do you have the April 1995 issue yet by chance?
  13. I can't post the direct link because you would have to be a member of the AtariAge group, but the seller said that he would be interested in selling individual magazines as well as large lots. Let me know if anyone wants to buy anything and I can contact him. I do have dibs on VG&CE's October 1992 issue, though, ha.
  15. Thanks, Kitsune. I deleted (well, I made it hidden) my follow-up post about my struggles with the search bar. I'll leave the Google info here, though, just in case if anyone would find it useful.
  16. As long as a magazine has a section with "In this issue..." you can try this: "The Game I Want To Find" site: You don't have to put the game name in quotes, but it makes the search more specific. If you put Super Metroid there without quotes, it would also pull in hits with just the word Metroid in it. When I tried this with your search: "the warriors" site: It kicked back three separate Game Informer entries (145, 150, 153).
  17. Yes, I'd donate them, but i'd prefer to trade. Do you have any Game Player's from mid-1995? I'm specifically looking for August 1995. In addition the October 1992 issue of VG&CE (Sonic 2 cover).

  18. Hi E-Day, I have the Final Fantasy III guide and the SMW2: Yoshi's Island guides from Nintendo Power. Are you interested in them?

  19. Great mini-post Areala. This game is so sublime.
  20. April 1989 Uploaded May 1989 Uploaded and fixed June 1989 Uploaded July 1989 September 1989 November 1989 January 1990 March 1990 June 1990 July 1990 January 1992 July 1992 February 1993