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  1. Playing Final Fantasy

    I'm currently playing the Remake of Final Fantasy I on the Final Fantasy Origin disc from the Playstation One. It's ok, but what I find really frustrating is the lack of refillable magic spells. You only have a small number of each level of spells and the only way to refill them is by saving in an Inn or a Cottage. It's makes the dungeon crawling murder trying to save all the spells, especially the heal spells, for the final boss. Plus once getting to a place you're trying to get to in a dungeon is great and all, but then you have to turn around and go back, so you have to save even more spells for the return journey. I've played and beaten Final Fantasy VII, which was the reason I bought the Playstation One in the first place and I've also beaten VIII and X. I tried playing X-2 for about 5 minutes and then shut it off. I felt like I was going to go into epileptic seizures or something.