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    Playstation 3
  1. Favorite/most Played Game?

    Need for Speed Most Wanted and now i'm still waitin' for GT 5
  2. Favorite Music

    80's are great! No better decade for music...I like it!
  3. Are There Any Tennis Fans?

    I'm thinking like Winston Churchill: No sports...
  4. Stolen Frags

    Silver Surfer attacked E-Day with a Magnum .44 (108 str) and took off 133! E-Day has 0 HP left! E-Day is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!! You gain 14 frag(s) (13 stolen). You gain: 50 EXP points!!!! You gain: 622 Gil!!!!
  5. Which Could You Live Without (coffee Or Chocolate)?

    Coffee is a "must have" , chocolate only a "can have"
  6. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    German beer or Caipirinha... (Cachaca , brown sugar , lime juice)
  7. How Much Is Gas In Your Area?

    3 or 4 Dollars per gallon? This gas prices for 24 hrs in Germany and all filling stations will be closed soon.....1,48Euro's per liter (about 9$ per gallon)