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  1. New Wii Remote hits stores

    There's a new grip on the remote? I saw the new packaging but I didn't know they put a new grip on it.
  2. Rate Super Mario Galaxy!

    I've only played for a couple of hours, but based on that I would give it a solid 9.
  3. Top 5 Most Memorable Video Game Songs

    Anything from Mario, mainly the Super Mario Theme and Super Mario World theme. Lately I've been addicted to the end song from Portal.
  4. Looking For Anything Nintendo Power Related

    I have the pin, but I need to find it still.
  5. What Weird Gaming Things Do You Have?

    Nothing too out there. I have a Paul Frank Parappa T-shirt and a Parappa beanie I got at a convention. I also have some Mario energy drink called "Power-Up" and a few vinyl Mario related figures.