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  1. Videogames featured in television shows

    I remember an episode of The Cosby Show where one of the kids was playing a video game on a Super Nintendo. The joke was that grandpa initially criticized video games, then got wrapped up in trying to beat the game himself. The best part was that there was very clearly no cartridge in the system at any time.
  2. Deleted Scenes That Should Have Been Left In!

    Perhaps an odd choice, but I would say "Happy Gilmore." There's a deleted scene where Happy returns to the nursing home to confront Hal the orderly: he reveals that his grandma told him about the abuse and punches Hal, who is then swarmed by the elderly residents of the home. I don't know why it was cut. The scene is brief, and the theatrical release has absolutely no comeuppance for Hal and his cruelty. Quite a strange decision.
  3. I was obsessed with the NES when I was a kid, so my parents got me a Nintendo Power subscription around issue 9 or 10. Naturally, I loved it. I would read every issue cover-to-cover repeatedly; I was especially fond of the full-color photo maps of games that let you see how everything was laid out. They covered games in such depth that, as an earlier poster said, you could almost play the game in your head by following the magazine's breakdowns. For whatever reason, I was full of brand loyalty as a child, and it was Nintendo or nothing. I finally got a Playstation in '96, and that was around the same time I let my NP subscription expire. I'm not sure which was the last issue I received; the most recent one I remember had Cyrax from Mortal Kombat 3 on the cover. I moved on to Game Players since they had such a fresh, innovative voice that set them apart from competitors. Their irreverence really appealed to a teenager's sensibilities. Even so, I always cherished my Nintendo Power collection.
  4. Cast Your Votes On What To Preserve Next!

    What a fun feature! Now I'm off to upvote the old Game Player's mags I remember reading over and over when I was a kid.
  5. Restricting Abuse of the Download Manager

    Thanks for letting me know! I wanted to be sure I wasn't taking unfair advantage of the servers if I ran two or three downloads at a time.
  6. Restricting Abuse of the Download Manager

    I have a question...how many downloads directly from the site are permitted simultaneously? I always keep myself to one at a time, since I usually only download two or three issues per visit. I am ignorant of how this affects the site, and am wondering if it would be bad for me to download two magazines at once. I apologize if this has been previously addressed.
  7. Restricting Abuse of the Download Manager

    Hello. I just want to chime in and say that I think the download system put into place is more than fair. I have been downloading old mags from here since 2007 or so, and being able to put them on my iPad makes train rides a lot more bearable! I've donated in the past, and when I'm in a better place financially, I hope to donate again. I admit that I'm not very active in the community; maybe I can change that. I'm a lurker on most of my favorite sites, but who knows? Anyway, this got away from me. I don't think I'd find the download restrictions oppressive even if I wasn't a patron; I rarely download more than three or four magazines in any given visit. Big thanks to Phillyman and everyone else who works hard to keep this site up and keep these great memories alive.
  8. First Newsgroups, Now This...

    I totally bought it. And I was thinking about the logistics of it, too..."should I just keep track in a Notepad file? Is it strictly deadlined by the end of each month?" Good one!
  9. Retromags Collection Moving to Newsgroups

    Thank you and everyone who works on this site for your hard work. I'm very happy to hear that there will be a long-term solution, and I personally don't care how much it costs. The downloads from this web site take me back to the days before the internet, where I would spend weeks with a single issue of Game Player's or Nintendo Power, combing through every single article, even about games on systems I didn't own. These magazines are little time capsules into the years when gaming subculture was just developing. Cheers, Retromags staff!
  10. Going To See Transformers!

  11. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    I love me a good bay breeze. Mmm-mmm pineapple juice.
  12. Top 5 Most Memorable Video Game Songs

    It would take me much longer to compile the five best tracks of all time, but I think the best soundtrack of all time would be Mega Man 2. EVERY SINGLE TRACK from that game is fun and memorable, and to this day a random one will jump into my head and have me humming away. There are few catchier midis than the ones featured in that doozy of a cart.
  13. What Part Of The World Do You Live?

    I'm pretty sure the world sees us as Jean-Claude Van Damme in the "Street Fighter" movie, for better or worse. I'm in New York City, at any rate.
  14. Ghostbusters gameplay video

    Good god, yes. This is perhaps the thing I most want to see not screwed up. This has potential to kick butt, especially on the Wii.