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  1. Nintendo Power Dragon Warrior Strategy Guide 1989

    Thanks so much! Man this thing brings back memories of poring over this insert and the Nintendo Power articles waiting for Christmas (and Dragon Warrior) to come.
  2. Nintendo Power Dragon Warrior Strategy Guide 1989

    I'd hate to put you out by having you scan in your book. I certainly wouldn't mind having the book but considering that I mostly want the scan for nostalgia sake, I think I'll keep looking for the original Strategy Guide and save you the trouble. Thanks so much for the offer though. By the way, I've included a screenshot of the cover of the SG just in case it jogs someone's memory.
  3. Nintendo Power Dragon Warrior Strategy Guide 1989

    Thanks for the reply. The cover of that book looks different than the old Strategy Guide I used to have but the artwork inside looks the same. Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep an eye out for the scan.
  4. I'm new here and I've tried to search for this item but I didn't have any luck. I apologize if I'm asking in the wrong forum but I've been looking for the Nintendo Power 1989 Dragon Warrior Strategy Guide insert for a while now. I remember having the guide as a kid and loving the artwork inside. Would anyone happen to have an active torrent for a scan of the guide. Thanks so much in advance!