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  1. What Part Of The World Do You Live?

    I'm also from Wisconsin (Madison).
  2. Top 5 Most Memorable Video Game Songs

    This isn't a song, but the guy saying "Another visitor. Stay a while ... stay forever" at the beginning of Impossible Mission for the C64 is a deserved legend.
  3. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    36 male Madison, Wisconsin. Been playing computer games since the Commodore 64. Currently own a NES, Atari, Playstation2 and Commodore 64. Used to have dozens of old computer magazines, but most have been scattered to the winds. Need to get in my mom's attic to see if any of them are left ...
  4. Recommended Emulators

    Definitely WinVice for Commodore 64.
  5. Top 5 Most Memorable Video Game Songs

    I doubt that anyone else has this one. Superstar Ice Hockey by Mindscape for the C64. I can still hum the song.