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  1. Well unlike the others which use millions of watts to power themselves, I hope the next gen consoles are more power friendly like the Wii. Would also be good to be able to extend them (software wise, more open), or use them as routers or something like that...
  2. A modded PS2.... some guy at a shop fitted it. I don't trust my soldering skills not to ruin anything. It's annoying waiting on the PS2 load times though, has some fun games like Fight Night, but yeah, kinda a waste of money the old PS2.
  3. I'm a 29yo gamer who is also a programmer. Started with someone elses Atari 2600, then finally got a NES, SMS, GENESIS, SNES, N64..... then kinda went off consoles and went to PC. Wrote some emulators, love the retro scene what can I say. Better memories in the past than the present.
  4. Looks like the video has been taken down. When the Wii was first released I thought it was a good gimmick that wouldn't last, but they have brought out some decent games for it, probably is the most fun you can get on a console that I've seen.
  5. I'm in Australia at the moment, but used to live in Hawaii.... I just follow the waves..