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    Hey guys, nice site, very nice project (and one I'd like to contribute to). Name is Shawn, currently living in Rio Rancho, NM (suburb of Albuquerque), originally from Fresno, CA. 30 years old, gaming since the Atari 2600 days. Got into gaming mags fairly early, my old faves being Video Games &Computer Entertaintment (VGC&E), a text heavy multi-platform mag back in the day. I'm sure most of you are like me, and if you are, then you remember poring over each gaming mag until you had it almost memorized. I'm still like that today, but gaming mags these days have no soul (the biggest offender being EGM, which I thoroughly enjoyed back when Steve Harris & Ed Semrad ran the show...). I nearly fell out of my chair when I came across the posts on usenet. Very nice, and something that seems to have some dedicated folks behind it. I'd love to contribute, unfortunately, my wife made me give up boxes of my older mags from the early days during our numerous moves in the mlitary, but I have some stuff that might interest some (tojs of EGM from late 90's to about a year ago, a couple of issues each Gamers Republic, Gamefan, Gamepro (yech), Game Informer (anyone else remember getting this from Funcolanbd back in the day?), & PSM. Also have the only issue of GameGO! and some other things lying around that I can't think of). I've got a decent scanner (HP 1310), and would love to get started. Any tips for scanning w/o having to destroy the mags would be greatly appreciated. Thanks & I look forward to helping, Shawn