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  1. Your Top 5 Dreamcast Games

    I'd say in no particular order... Sonic Adventure (okay the camera angles were a bit rubbish) Sonic Adventure 2 Yu Suzuki Gameworks (which has one of the best conversions of Outrun next to the Sega Ages on the Saturn) Shenmue Crazy Taxi I'm sure there are a few more that I would consider top games, but these were probably the ones I'd play the most. Rob
  2. Favorite Retro Console?

    For me it would have to be the Neo Geo, closely followed by the Super NES. When I got my Neo Geo it was after about 5 years of craving for one after reading an article in a magazine when they first came out. I was about 12 when they first came out. I even looked into trading in my Super NES with about 6 games plus a wad of cash for a Neo Geo with no games, but in the end I stuck to the Super NES with the conversions of the Neo Geo games (next best thing I thought). I eventually did get to enjoy the Neo Geo in the arcades until I was 17/ A friend of mine saw one for sale second hand and I snapped it up (cost about £150). Unfortunately I didn't keep it when I got divorced a couple of years later and I'm really kicking myself now considering how much they go for on eBay (and when you have a not so understanding wife like mine, spending a £150 or so on an old games console isn't considered a priority). Nearest I get now to playing on the Neo Geo is either emulation on Mame or on the Wii Virtual Console. I did love the Super NES too. I have so many great memories playing Super Mario World, Zelda etc on it. I guess I'm lucky that it's emulated on the Wii now so I can enjoy some of the games until I eventually manage to get my hands on one again. Rob
  3. I'd say it would have to be when I first entered the Ghost House on Super Mario World. It was the first game I played on my new Super NES and being used to the basic graphics of the Gameboy and the not so great graphics on the Atari ST I was a bit shocked to see it. I soon got used to it though. Only really been scared since when I played Doom for the first time, and then Doom 3 on the PC in surround sound with all the lights turned off. Rob
  4. Hi folks, In the next week or two (most likely just after Christmas) I'm hoping to upgrade my PC to something a bit quicker. At the moment I have an Athlon 64 3000+ (socket 754) with 1GB Ram, a 320GB SATA hard drive and a 200GB SATA hard drive. Now I realise that I'm going to have to replace the memory, CPU and motherboard (I'm actually building these into a PC for a work colleague who wants a really cheap upgrade from a P3-800). Traditionally I've been a fan of AMD chips, although I can't help but notice that the Core 2 chips seem to be doing much better than the Athlon X2 (and Phenom) chips are. So I've kind of made my mind up on getting an Intel system. I was originally looking at either a Pentium Duo or a Core 2 Duo although due to having a bit extra cash to spend I'm thinking of maybe stumping up for a Core 2 Quad instead. Thing is, is there any point in going for a quad core CPU? I use Ubuntu Linux on my PC. My gaming is pretty much emulation based only (or older games like Quake, Doom etc). I want to do a bit of video encoding (home movies from DV to DVD) and other than that it will be mainly web browsing and e-mail and listening to a bit of music. Would many of the emulators out there benefit from quad core CPU's over dual core? I guess I'm thinking, would I be better saving the extra cash on a quad core CPU and spend it on maybe a slightly better video card (I was looking at a cheap NVidia or ATI card)? Rob
  5. Whats Everyone Watching On Tv?

    Well living in the UK and not having cable or satellite TV, I've found myself downloading stuff off the net to watch. I guess at the moment I'm hooked on Heroes, Ugly Betty, Men In Trees, Bones, How I Met Your Mother and Desperate Housewives. I'm also really looking forward to the next season of 24 in January. Other than that, on UK TV I've been watching Spooks (although I'm about 3 episodes behind on it) and Top Gear. Rob
  6. Do You Own A Modded Console?

    I have a modded XBOX which I mainly use for XBOX Media Centre and emulators. I'd say it has to be one of my better purchases. As much as I like to dabble with emulators on the PC, it's nice to sit in the comfort of my sofa and fire up the Speccy emulator for a game of Jet Set Willy (not to mention my other half really doesn't like it when I get out any of my retro consoles!). I've also got a flash cart for my GBA, and one for the DS. I think I should have done a bit more research on those purchases though as the GBA flash cart requires completely erasing to program another game on to it (which takes a good 20 minutes) and the DS has a Datel Max Media Dock with a 1GB CF card. Unfortunately it isn't much cop and rarely works. Guess that's what I get for buying the cheap options. I am considering modding my Saturn, although it's the model which doesn't seem to be compatible with mod chips. Saying that, I'm still tempted to to the region and 50/60Hz mod when I finally get a scart cable for it. Rob
  7. What Is Your Computer Specs?

    Well I did have an Athlon 64 3000+ until about a fortnight ago when the motherboard died. I guess it was lucky I was looking to upgrade before Christmas. At the moment I'm using my other half's PC which is the following spec: Manufactured By / Computer Model: Built myself from parts OS: Ubuntu Linux 7.10 (32-bit) CPU: Intel Celeron D 2.53GHz Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9200SE 128MB 8x AGP Sound Card: On-board audio (Realtek I think) Hard Drive: 320GB 7200RPM Maxtor SATA and 200GB 7200RPM Maxtor SATA Memory: 2 x 512MB DDR 3200 DIMMs and 2 x 128MB DDR 2100 DIMMs. Internet Connection: 8Mbit ADSL Other: Epson Stylus R200 Printer I'm hoping to upgrade to a dual core CPU although I've not decided what to go for yet (deep down I want to support AMD but I can't ignore the speed of the Core 2 Duo chips). Rob
  8. Retromags Map!

    Hi folks, I'm from Torquay in Devon, UK. Rob