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  1. What Interests You?

    Nintendo Power FTW!
  2. Faxanadu (NES) A great Zelda II-esque RPG. A real gem!
  3. Nintendo Power Flash?

    Will do!
  4. Nintendo Power Flash?

    Well, I am only 14, and my only source of income is a paper route. I have like 20 bucks in my wallet, which is not close to enough to even afford a scanner (even if I'm going to return it).
  5. Nintendo Power Flash?

    Hmm... but I have no scanner or way or posting it other than VIA Digital Camera...
  6. Wii Virtual Console

    They'd never release all of their hits at once. I, myself, rarely use the VC, because I own my games and systems (I own every system they feature other than the Neo-Geo...). I spent 1 2k Pts card before, basically on the following: Gunstar Heroes (800 Pts) Blazing Lasers (600 Pts) Bomberman '93 (600 Pts)
  7. Top 5 Most Memorable Video Game Songs

    Hmm... the 5 most memoriable game music I know are: #1. Super Mario Bros. #2. The Legend of Zelda #3. Mega Man 2 #4. Final Fantasy VII #5. Animal Crossing (No joke... I actually have the original tune jammed in the depths of my brain...)
  8. Nintendo Power Flash?

    Thanks. I never knew there we're 2 different things... We'll, I do live in Canada, and bought them from the same guy who basically sold my everything from his collection (Nintendo Trophies, SMB. 3 Board Game, SMB 2 "inside out" Guide, etc)
  9. Super Mario Bros. 2 "Inside Out" Strategy Guide Circa '89 Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo Power Players Guide '90 "Game Boy" Nintendo Power Players Guide '91 Also, if anyone knows the prices of these (Not mags), I found a few of those Nintendo Trophy thingies. With Mario/Link/Little Mac. I have Mario with a Goomba, Link shooting a Keese with a bow, and Little Mac vs. Piston Honda. Got 'em all for 10 bucks.
  10. Nintendo Power Flash?

    I know about Nintendo Power and Nintendo Fun Club, but what is this Nintendo Power Flash thing? I've recently come across an issue. BTW: I got the above lot for $5. Good deal, eh?