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  1. What Part Of The World Do You Live?

    Chicago, IL - Most of my family lives in the area. I would like warmer weather... but going up north a bit to go skiing is great!!!
  2. Does Anybody Clean Their Keyboard?

    Yep, gotta keep it clean. Mine is getting kinda old though. Good old MS natural pro
  3. Post Your Isp Speed!

  4. Top 5 Most Memorable Video Game Songs

    My top 5 1. Earthbound - Awesome!!! Awesome!!! I purchased all the Mother sound track and I listen to them all the time 2. Megaman 2 - I get many of the tunes stuck in my head. Great stuff! 3. Super Mario World - The castle theme is a fav, the others are great too. 4. Castlevania 3 - Sounds awesome on the famicom 5. DKC 2 - Probably stuck in my head, because I played it soo much when it came out. I also love Super Metroid and Darius on the Pc Engine cd.
  5. What Weird Gaming Things Do You Have?

    I've got Mario and Princess shampoo bottles made in 1990. Everybody alway notices them on my shelf. Nintendo licensed some crazy stuff!