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  1. Raze / Gamefan scans

    I've had no luck finding these torrents you speak of. Perhaps they've disappeared now? :(
  2. Raze / Gamefan scans

    That's a shame! They were great as it was a real fun games mag like C+VG (Paul Davies era).
  3. Raze / Gamefan scans

    Hi there, Is anyone planning on uploading any scans of Raze or Gamefan? I had many issues but they got thrown into the bin for space saving years back. I regret it now but not as much as I would have done thanks to the scans of many of my other mags (EGM, Gamepro etc). The only thing that has been lost forever are the Raze and DieHard GameFan mags. Does anyone have any issues of these mags they wouldn't mind scanning? At the moment I only have 11 issues of Gamefan (uploaded to this site before much of it was lost) and one issue of Raze that was uploaded to the out of print archive site. Thanks.
  4. Stumbleupon Retromags!

    Just added a review under the name 'stumblerogh'. EDIT: It appeared. Thanks for the help Phillyman!