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  1. where has the arcade section gone?

  2. Issues 54-61 and 63-77 now done. I'm happy to help out on the site any way i can. Looking forward to doing some more work on the wiki for you.
  3. Hi, Just done issue 19-32, 35-36 and 39-41. Do you want me to do some more or leave it for some other members to do.
  4. Hi, Glad to be able to help out on the site done upto issue 17. Will try and do some more tommorrow
  5. When I have finished a game in the arcade instead of saving my score it sends me back to the retromags homepage Anybody any ideas.
  6. I cannot belive that only four people are using this service it is for a very good cause. I should hit the 10 unit mark in the next few hours. It runs in the background and you don't know it is running. How about more users using the great service
  7. Are there any plans to scan in any amiga magazines. I'm looking at a few on ebay at the moment.