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  1. Sweet Home is a very interesting early take on the survival horror genre, for the Famicom. It is seen as a predecessor to the Resident Evil series, and is well worth a look. Translated ROM is out there somewehre. The Red Arimaa Gargoyle games are all fantastic too, especially on SNES - Demon's Crest is awesome as I keep mentioning! I also have a big soft spot for the excellently named Ninja Warriors Again on the SNES - simple, repetitive but just classic 80s-style scrolling fighter excellence.
  2. Wii Virtual Console

    I couldn't believe my luck when Sin & Punishment was released, so what I am looking forward to most is the prospect of more shocking releases of that ilk, perhaps some localised Jp-only classics. For now though, it is considerably cheaper to take the modded Xbox route for your retro fix. I for one think that it is a bit cheeky to charge seperately for each of the Mario games on the NES, for example. Saying this, if they released Demon's Crest I would be reaching straight for the credit card details, once I had finished a celebratory bout of onanism.
  3. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    I am a lager man. My favourites are Red Stripe, Michelob, Quilmes and, believe it or not, Bud Light.
  4. New Wii Remote hits stores

    A friend got hold of one of the remote sleeves the other day and tells me that they are indeed very comfortable. I might go and fill out that form myself, as my Wiimotes take a hell of a beating - especially when a few beers are added to the mix.
  5. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Hi guys - Sean is the name, hailing from Southampton, UK where I work in Mental Health, I also write freelance for a couple of UK games mags (Retro Gamer & gamesTM) and for . Am currently playing Mario Galaxy and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, but I also have all the other current gen consoles as well as a lovely Japan DC and a Jp PS2. My favourite games include the King Of Fighters series, Arc System Works fighters, Demon's Crest and Layer Section. Really interesting site here - looking forward to having a good old look through.