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  1. Manufactured By / Computer Model: Built myself from parts OS: Windows XP SP2 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz Hard Drive: 250GB Memory: 4GB Internet Connection: 24Mbit ADSL Sexy computer time high five!
  2. Neowulf

    Sega Visions Logo.

    Very nice! Now make one for Sega Saturn Magazine too =D
  3. My name is Turd Ferguson and I collect Sega Saturn anything =) Home is up north, where polar bears roam the streets... Hmm... Don't really know what else to say. Bye!
  4. Gimme more Sega! Saturn preferrably! =P
  5. Is anyone interested in foreign magazine scans? I have lots of swedish gaming magazines lying around at my place... Even though I currently don't own a scanner, some of them are already scanned and ready to go! So... What do people here think?