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  1. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    I'm on a train to Montreal right now. I don't leave for Italy until tonight. Then i will banish myself!
  2. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    That's what programs like Bulk Rename Utility are for
  3. Videogames featured in television shows

    I don't either. A web search turned up nothing. I just remember it because up to that point, it was always Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo when video games were part of a TV show. I clearly remember this and a scene from Fresh Prince when a repairman or someone is describing this dark, gory event, and later revealed is was "Mortal Kombat by Sega".
  4. Videogames featured in television shows

    I remember in 1994 or 1995, my parents were watching some show I wasn't interested in. It was the beginning of the show, and the (main?) character was playing Sonic 3. You saw him from the side looking at the TV, but you also heard the Hydrocity Zone Act 1 music. And then they cut at least once to footage of the game. It's the only time I remember a show actually focusing on the game being played instead of it being in the background as a prop. For those few seconds, I was interested in the show.
  5. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    I rename everything I download as well, because I prefer certain format.
  6. Magazine identification

    The game copier...was it The Professor SF II/ Game Doctor 7? YouTuber MetalJesusRocks did a video on the Professor SF II in July.
  7. GamePro Issue 162 (January 2003)

    This is actually 162. They started numbering them with 10 more issues than they actually had when they started putting the issue number on the cover in 1996. We will start using their fake issues numbers shortly though.
  8. Where should Retromags fill holes first?

    I usually save at quality level 9.
  9. Inquest Gamer scans?

    The galleries are for magazine covers. Did you scan these issues yourself?
  10. The SD2SNES has FPGA chips, which can be programmed to run like the custom chips used back in the day. So the SD2SNES may eventually be able to run SuperFX games, and is why it can handle some games that the EverDrive line cannot. It's on the developers to-do list.
  11. E-day's Work In Progress

    The others have a $500 ADF scanner. Mine is a $200 all-in-one colour laser printer. And I don't really have the time to scan things on a flatbed scanner anymore. I also can't adjust the speed at which the scanner pulls pages in.
  12. E-day's Work In Progress

    I could scan an issue a night with my ADF. The problem is the pages are so thin that they often get sucked in crooked, and the edge of the page that goes through last gets cut off a bit. That's normally not a problem, but GamePro liked putting info close to the bottom of their pages. The last GamePro I scanned I had to go back and rescan almost half the pages.
  13. E-day's Work In Progress

    Here you go.
  14. E-day's Work In Progress

    I never posted that. Didn't Phillyman say that?
  15. Searchable PDF Pilot Program

    Nope not yet both my scanners can scan directly to searchable PDF, which I can Test out. It would just mean scanning everything twice, and the scans wouldn't be edited, which i guess it's okay.