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  1. If subscribing to American magazines from Canada was easier in the 90s, I would have subscribed years before I did. Back then it required a money order from the post office in US funds of a cheque drawn from a US bank in order to subscribe. It was a hassle, plus the exchange rate was terrible back then. I only subscribed for one year in 1995. By then the heyday for gaming for me was over and everything was moving to 32-bit.

  2. I am wondering if anyone has a copy of issue 14 of VG&CE, with Batman on the cover. I've had a scan I did of it on hold since 2016 because my copy is missing the front and back covers. The scan we currently have looks like poo, so if anyone has it and can scan the front and back covers (inside ones too) so that I can finish this scan, that would be great. If you don't have a scanner, if you would be willing to send it to me, I could scan the four pages and send it right back.

  3. I'll make note and set aside any images that have dust lines going through them before fixing them or rescanning them. I can always purposely put dust on my ADF glass and scan a magazine that way, so that every page has a problem :).

    What's save me a bunch of time when it comes to straightening pages  is creating an AutoHotKey script that I run when I use Photoshop. Hitting Shift+z opens up the arbitrary Rotate Image dialog so that I can enter in whatever value I need rather than clicking through Image>Rotate>Arbitrary. I've been editing for so long I can look at my marquee tool and a line on the page that should be straight and be able to get the right rotation value on the first try. Editing ADF scans is far faster than editing a flatbed scan which makes me happy.

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