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  1. 21 hours ago, vgmax said:

    I'd like to make a point about this "Video Game Foundation" stuff...

    Gaming is a hobby. Nothing but a hobby. When you make it something else, you're distracting from what's important. Causes like social justice, medical research, research on the effects of consumer chemicals, etc. Gaming history is something for hobbyists, not a focus of tax dollars. That foundation, from what they describe, is creating nothing more than a wall behind which stuff will never be seen again by anybody but neo-aristocrats. Who gets to become a "gaming historian"? Those blessed with the cash from their inheritance? Beware what you endorse... because when you do so, you implicitly endorse that which is necessary for what you endorse to exist, which you may not be in favor of...

    For a lot of people, it's a hobby they are passionate about, to the point that they want to go beyond just playing the games. That is why things like the Foundation, this site, the hundreds of forums on games, and all the YouTube channels that talk about games exist.

    And anyone can become a historian. We could be considered historians of printed game magazines because that is what we focus on. We don't consider ourselves that, but some people could, and we probably could if we wanted to. There is nothing to stop us, and no "test" to take in order to say we are. Our credibility would speak for itself and either back us up or bury us. But that's not the point.

    Clearly the people who run and work at the Foundation are really really passionate about game history. And they are not hiding anything behind any wall. They post footage or rare games they discover on YouTube and constantly post stuff on Twitter. Just because everything they have archive and found isn't readily available this instant doesn't mean that they are hiding it or will never share it. That defeats the purpose of the entire project. I honestly don't see what the objection to the VGHF is. Would you rather it didn't exist at all and that any information they find would remain lost or unknown?