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  1. 3 minutes ago, kitsunebi77 said:

    But it would be best to start with the ones E-Day doesn't have, of course, just in case.

    Definitely. At least do all those first before deciding that the process is too much bitch work and not scanning anymore seems more appealing ;)

  2. 3 hours ago, Phanterm said:

    Howdy there! Had no clue this database existed 'till today, and I'm happy that my collection of game magazines I've held onto as a kid can be useful for someone. I never had subscriptions and bought all of my magazines piecemeal, so I've got an assortment of different publications. Not all of these are in great or even good condition, but I cross referenced to what was missing online. Here's my list, and pictures.



    Here is a link to my Google Sheets where I'm keeping progress on my scans updated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fahYRFqG8HQkWN7nXUhgtjpH-vNNAdWrpuOfDKeoOZs/edit?usp=sharing

    In case the link doesn't work, here's what I have. The spreadsheet lists things like condition, and current status. I also have two issues of a publication I could not find listed -- Ultimate Solutions. Sadly, they're not in great condition, but it looks like it was created in the UK and published in the US?


    September 1999
    August 2001
    May 2001
    October 1998
    February 1999
    May 1999
    October 1999
    November 1999
    January 2000
    March 2000
    April 2000
    September 2000
    November 2000
    January 2001
    September, Vol. 2 Issue 4
    November Vol 2 Issue 6
    February 2001
    December 1999
    Issue 01
    Computer Gaming World
    August 2001
    Expert Gamer
    September 1998
    October 1998
    August 1998
    October 1998
    June 1998
    Mar 1999
    May 2000
    June 2000
    August 2000


    Apologies that many of these are in poor condition. I definitely used these as a resource when I was a child who didn't have internet and rented games voraciously. I'm just starting out here, so I'll read over the guidelines and tricks to scan. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter where I'm easily accessible at @hunterkennoy if you need to!


    2 hours ago, kitsunebi77 said:

    Oh yeah, forgot to say:

    Before starting on these, you should see if @E-Day has already scanned/will scan any of them.  He's been working his way through a massive donation of mags and may have some of the stuff on your list.

    GamePro September 1999 was just recently scanned and will be edited by Melki at some point. The other two I don't have.

    OFFICIAL US PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE: I only have October 1999 and January 2000 from your list.

    I don't have any of the Ultimate Solutions, Tips & Tricks, CGW, or Expert Gamers on your list.

    I have Game Buyer August 1998.

    And I have PSM June 1998 and August 2000.

    I am not sure when I will get around to scanning these various magazines, so if you want to scan them yourself let me know and I will take them out of the pile. Chances you will get to these before I will :) 

  3. We can test this out as I am really leaning towards changing it to Ferkner so I can have a unified name across everything.

    What will need to be changed manually are the warning messages that show up if you run into a permissions error and it tells you to contact Phillyman or myself, and my WIP thread of course.

  4. So it bit slow on my end lately with releases, seeing as Christmas is on its way. I am hoping to pick up the pace in the new year. What's really slowing me down is that I am not editing on my Surface Pro 1 tablet anymore because:

    1. it's quite slow being almost 7 years old, and
    2. the screen is pretty small at 10.1" which causes me to miss details that should be fixed.

    Needless to say, I am no longer editing while watching TV, would would let me get through a lot more editing than I do now since I have to dedicate time to just editing on my main computer in the basement. I am contemplating getting a mid range laptop or all-in-on PC for the upstairs that I could use for editing among other things, but that comes with a financial burden.


    Meanwhile, I want to finish editing everything I already have scanned before I start on scanning the box full of strategy guides that were part of the donation heap in March. I wish I could do all this faster simply to get all the boxes out of my house, as well as to fulfill my obligation to Civicminded  for the donation and to hardcorehubz for upgrading me to the fi-7160 :).

  5. 7 hours ago, Ralsto said:

    Sorry for the super late reply. Thanks to you for reading and replying. 

    Unfortunately I see that the issue has since been updated, but the updated copy seems identical and is still missing the Flying Warriors comic. Did you maybe accidentally upload the same older version again? Thanks again for your efforts anyway. 

    Seems like I forgot to upload it or forgot to update the entry. I uploaded it again and updated everything, so it should now be the correct file with the comic.

  6. 18 hours ago, TOLUST said:

    E-Day, FYI Francis got the job at GamePro after he submitted  a drawing for there monthly reader contest , The Staff was so impressed with his work they offred him a job with Issue #3 ;) The more you know... 


    I guess that was better (i.e. cheaper) than commissioning original art from proper artists like Marc Ericksen who illustrated the first three of four covers, as well as others.


    Not all of Francis' cover art was bad; I do like quite a bit of it because it was original and not promo art, but there were some covers that just didn't look great at all. Not to mention some of the stuff inside the magazine.

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