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  1. Looks a hell of a lot better than what my scanner spits out.
  2. I shall keep doing it the way I have been doing it. When I create the zip, I leave the compression at whatever WinRAR has it set at default. I can't remember off the top of my head what that is, but the compression of the jpegs seems to be nil or very very close to it. Or, if you are like me, you that the cbr/cbz and the nfo file, tuck it away to where you keep your magazines, and also extract the cbr/cbz file to your desktop and read through it that way, deleting pages as you go so you know exactly where you left off. I rarely read magazines in CDisplay anymore.
  3. As far as .cbr vs .cbz, it doesn't make a difference. I have opened both in CDisplay, and neither is faster than the other. And if you save it as a ZIP file, it doesn't matter what you change the extension to. Any magazine I have scanned or compiled and uploaded was saved as a ZIP and had the extension changed to .cbr. So if anyone whines that one is faster than the other, tell them to shove it . I prefer .cbr simply because I see the extension as standing for Comic Book Reader, even if that isn't what it means. ZIP, RAR, .cbr, .cbz; all the same pile of soft, pale faeces
  4. My diarrhea is a vast improvement on the colour and smoothness of NES graphics
  5. I only found a couple purple coin challenges in Mario Galaxy very hard. The worst was obviously Luigi's purple coins. I used about 80 lives before getting it. Had I not been in a huge rush to finish on time at the beginning, I think I could have done it sooner. I am HOPING Mega Man 9 lets you save your game. I can't remember if it does. If not, I will never finish it as I don't have the time or patience to sit there for 6 hours playing it
  6. Scan everything from the front cover to the back cover! Ads are part of the magazine As for the other questions, someone else will have to answer it. I don't know what irfanview is. Someone like meppi or Phillyman can answer all your other questions. I only scan magazines once in a while.
  7. I downloaded MM9 Monday night and played it for a little bit. Nice and retro, but frustrating and hard. I didn't get past the rolling rock monster/boss in the Jewel Man stage. But it's still great to play an old school game like this. The control seems to feel better than it would on an actual 8-bit system. Now I definately want other companies to follow suit. *cough*Sega*cough*
  8. You're insane. I don't spend more than a minute or two on each page. I make sure they are as straight as I can get them and that's it. I'll touch up easy stuff like the big streaks on your page at the top, but that's it. I don't have time or patience to nitpick every little thing.
  9. Got Zoom! for the Genesis in the mail last week from eBay. Hopefully it's good Alex Kidd in Miracle World Gangster Town Penguin Land Psycho Fox Double Dragon Wanted Great Baseball Great Basketball Golden Axe Phantasy Star Golden Axe Warrior Ghost House Sonic the Hedgehog (get the Euro version as it's common compared to the identical US version with it's unique UPC sticker) I know there are a few more, but they escape me at the moment.
  10. I want a Super Mario All-Stars type release like on the SNES, but bigger and better. All the games from SMAS, plus the GameBoy Super Mario Land games; redone with New Super Mario Bros. (DS) -style graphics and updated music. No announcement they will make could get me as excited as that fantasy game...with no motion control. On topic, I am looking forward to MotionPlus. I never expected 1:1 when the Wii was first announced and released. 1:1 opens the door to some great possibilities. But don't foget that just because the Remote will have 1:1 does not mean games have to take advantage of it.
  11. Bought the crappy browser for the DS Lite. It's slow, but kind of neat and not easy to find
  12. Wow, NewsBot, you are incredibly useful by posting the entire article and then posting a link to view the same identical entire article from the site you stole it from. Good job!
  13. I don't think any kind of promotion is needed. If someone REALLY wants access to the magazines, they'll sign up and be active, or pay the dirt cheap membership. That's what I did. I didn't think twice about spending a measly $5 to get access to the magazines I've missed over the years. I think it's in the site's best interest to attract those who are really interested in this geeky stuff and who will contribute in some way (posts, donations, scans, etc), as opposed to drive-by users who come to grab one item and never return. Plus those who are really interested will take the time to figure out the confusing navigation of the site.
  14. Corner Gas Flashpoint (filmed in Canada, starring the original pink Power Ranger ) Big Bang Theory How I Met Your Mother Moral Orel American Dad Oldies: Everybody Loves Raymond Animaniacs Sliders (Seasons 1-3) Seinfeld Three's Company
  15. So I take it that having the scan resemble the actual magazine as close as possible isn't necessarily desirable? I can understand that, as reading something on a screen is very different than reading something from a page. So far number 3 is kicking butt. I'll eventually scan different kinds of pages with the first three profiles to get a definitive result.
  16. There was a good number for excellent games for the Sega CD; more so than for the 32X. That is a system that never had it's potential used, but was also a bad idea from start to finish.
  17. Guess some people can't read. The most disappointing system I own/owned was the 32X. But overall, I think there were worse ones. The Philips CD-i, Amiga CD32, Virtual Boy...none of those did better than the 32X as far as I know.
  18. I am still looking forward to the following games, some of which I listed in June. I even forgot about some of them Wii ----- Sonic Unleashed Harvest Moon (?) Tales of Symphonia Little King's Story LEGO Batman Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Ghostbusters Wario Land: Shake It! DS ----- Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Kirby Superstar Ultra Ninjatown Sonic Chronicles Time Hollow I'm tempted to remove Sonic Unleashed since I am not impressed with the game play trailers I have seen so far, but it stays for now. I bought FF IV and Harvest Moon for the DS, but they are still shrinkwrapped on a shelf with the rest of my DS games. Harvest Moon for the Wii got so-so ratings, so I am not sure if I will get that game of one of the GameCube games. There are too many games coming out this fall! Not to mention the dozens of games I have that I haven't played yet :(
  19. I hadn't noticed it was gone. I haven't used that thing in months.
  20. Final Fantasy II on the Super NES. My parents and I thought it was a weird game at first, but eventually it became something we all got hooked on. And the last time I checked, my save file was still in tact. I never managed to get the adamant ore from the Pink Puffs in that one room near the end of the game though...
  21. That spreadsheet should be updated so that it is current. Is issue 77 still needed? Because if it is, it's on eBay right now. Someone fetch it, and I will help out (pay the shipping or something).
  22. I don't live in the US, but I know who I would vote for if I did.
  23. I agree, though #1 is closest to the actual magazine. When I get around to starting another scan, I will scan several different pages with different elements and see which of the three looks best on the screen. Other opinions welcome! Let's start a fight!
  24. I have 5 issues of GamePro from 1995 waiting to be scanned. They are staple bound and a pain to scan, though I might do it anyways. I might even dismantle them. Anyhow, when looking at some of my scans, I noticed that the colours are not as vivid as some other members' scans. Up until now I had been using the default colour profile that came with my 8-year-old scanner. Tonight I tried the colour profile that came with my LCD monitor and the scan looked more vivid. Then I tried some other profiles. In the light of the room I am in, it is hard to tell which is closer to the actual magazine. The Samsung is more vivid, but it's also darker than the actual magazine. So which of the following would be considered best for future scans (none have been colour-corrected in Photoshop nor have brightness/contrast been adjusted on the scanner): Default Canon Scanner Profile Samsung Natural Color Pro LCD Profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Adobe RGB (1998) Profile Apple RGB Profile I find the first three to be the best. The Samsung is a bit dark and the sRGB a bit too light, but on my last scan, some of the colours seemed hazy using the default Canon profile. Opinions? I am just wondering what others here prefer out of those 5...well, three, since the last two are almost identical and too pale
  25. "Retro" ended when the PSone and Saturn came out. Those games are too similar to the games of today. The main difference is they don't look nearly as good as today's.