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    Retromags Ranks

    The board would need to be A LOT more active for anyone to acheive that many!
  2. Well, before I get to that point, I want to finish getting all the stars that are possible before fighting Browser in the center of the universe. That includes the Daredevil run fighting Bouldergiest in the Boo MAnsion galaxy. I am not looking forward to that. I had a hard enough time beating him with 6 units of health, let alone 1.
  3. Oh great, now I know what kind of frustrating tasks await me in that game :(
  4. I don't know if the Wii version of Sega Bass Fishing is a sequel or just a remake of the Dreamcast game. From what I read about it, it's a port of the DC game. I used to play Super Black Bass a lot on the SNES, and it was a lot of fun. I am hoping this version is just as fun. If Sega wasn't putting it out, I wouldn't be excited about it, though a good fishing game would be great. I don't know how good the fishing game that is already out is.
  5. My next Wii purchase will probably be Sega Bass Fishing. If that game gets horrid reviews, then it will probably be Sega Superstars Tennis...unless I end up buying Zelda or one of the other games that have been out for a while and still need to end up in my hands
  6. It's nice to read that there will be online play and other online related things. Perhaps Nintendo is finally going to do the online thing properly
  7. My backlog will grow once I get a DS as well. It just means more games that need playing
  8. Ah, so I am not the only one who buys games and then doesn't play them until months later . That is what I am doing now. I have about 7 Wii games, but only play Mario Galaxy and Endless Ocean. Once I am done Mario (done meaning beat Bowser; not collecting all 242 stars), I will start my other games and work on the extra Galaxy stuff here and there. Zelda is still one of the games I need to buy at some point soon.
  9. E-Day

    What Interests You?

    Can't disagree with you on that one. It was my magazine of choice and my family bought it every month, and everyone (me + mother + stepfather) read it. I only bought EGM during a few summers when I was visitng family, and around Christmas (November, December, and sometimes January issues), because they were usually massively thick. I don't think GamePro ever put out a 400+ page issue . It was a good magazine, but GamePro was definately much better, even if they didn't have the jump on some game info like EGM did.
  10. E-Day

    Scratched Dvds

    For light scratches that are merely superficial and don't interfere with playback, there is no need to bother with them. For deep scratches that cause skipping and freezing while playing, there are a few things you can try. If the scratch is deep enough to reach the layer where the data is stored, then the disc won't be repairable since the actual data layer is scratched. If the scratch is deep, but not deep enough to reach the data layer, I read that sometimes toothpaste works. There is no way to buff the scratch out without actually making that part of the disc thinner with an abrasive. Brasso is good for this, since it's abrasive but very fine; it works like those disc repair kits that basically scratch a layer of the plastic off. Anytime I have a disc that is deeply scratched and can't be repaired, I wait til the DVD or DVD set is on sale for a great price and I buy it again
  11. I am currently still playing through this game, and am trying to get all the stars possible before going to faceoff with Bowser for the end battle. It is an excellent game. I only played Mario Sunshine a bit, but wasn't terribly enthralled by it like I was by Mario 64. Galaxy certainly deserves all the praise and high ratings it is receiving! For a 3D game, it's excellent
  12. E-Day

    What Interests You?

    I voted EGM, but also want to see more GamePro; preferrably issues from 1989 to 1998, with earlier years being better
  13. I thought you already had Issue 65 (December 1994) :(
  14. You'd need a database and a nice PHP backend. I have no idea how to do that stuff, but I know someone who does. I am not sure if he has time or desire to undertake such a project, but I know he has the ability to do it. He basically did the game database at sega16bit.com, where admins have a PHP backend to add, edit or delete games. Everything is dropdown menus, check boxes and textfields. I don't know if he's willing to do it, or how work it is, but I can always ask for you guys.
  15. Excellent. I like how you think!
  16. 1998 was the last year 16-bit games were released, or at least covered in game magazines. After that I lose interest Good grab though! The more magazines the better
  17. Pass along a big thanks from me for all those EGM issues!
  18. Wouldn't that be easier and cheaper since he seems to have stopped the project on his site?
  19. A tad excessive for magazines, that is for sure
  20. I got sick fro mcoffee ice cream when I was 7, and ever since then I have had a taste aversion t oall things coffee related except coffee crisp. Instead of coffee as a vice, I have cola
  21. I hate coffee, so this was easy. Though I do like Coffe Crisp; but that's more chocolate than anything. If it was between chocolate and hamburgers, I would give up chocolate. Burgers are yummy. For those who like chocolate and burgers, here is something neat to try that a burger bistro in Ottawa does. They do specialty burgers (www.worksburger.com), and they used to have one that had Nutella on it. Sounds gross, I know. But one night I was brave and I tried it. It was actually really really good. The Nutella wasn't too sweet, but sweet enough to mix with the saltiness of everything else. It was the greatest topping for a burger I discovered since bacon. It's that darn good. I recommend some people try it. You don't need a ton of Nutella; a teaspoon at the most. Try to spread it on the top of the burger and let it melt a bit. You can put cheese over top of it too. Bloody delicious! Not sure itwould be as good with regular chocolate though
  22. I was unaware they were stapled. I have always known Nintendo magazines to use the binded spine. At least you can keep these ones when you are done scanning them. So how can I bump my membership up tp lifetime while currently having the x-months membership?
  23. My parents have has one for about 2 years and have had no problems with it. Meanwhile, their first PS3 was a piece of junk that they had to exchange. Yes, my parents still play video games
  24. That's a lot of money for magazines that you are going to slice up (i.e destroy) for scanning. I'll dontate $10 for the lifetime membership when I get home from work. ^_^ How do I buy a lifetime membership while I have a membership already until June?
  25. Peste Phillyman about it. He has a bunch waiting to be scanned . I offered to help edit them and such. So hopefully more can get out quicker.